Vietnam Jungle IX – I

DSC_5210And here we go! Yesterday I was able to paint in Mars Black, the far right trunk of a tree, and the curving vine in the middle. The other vines will be more of a mushroom brown, and both that are in black now, and those that will be in mushroom, will receive treatments in other colors.

Yesterday I also decided to do something new for this painting: to paint as translucently as possible. So I placed three greens from the tube and lots of Hansa Yellow on my existing palette, the main one, not the one with the reds and blue sky. Then I poured bits of glazing liquid by each. I didn’t have time until today to get to playing with them, though.

So, you see where I have painted here and there with two of the mixes, which will be somewhat as I go, not big mixes of them, I don’t think. That being said, this won’t be a dappled, or rough painting, although I’m certainly in the mood for one! Instead, it will be intensely focused, leaf by leaf, almost all the way through. To get beyond that severity (from my point of view), I’m using these translucent mixes, which are different almost in every stroke, almost like watercolors, except that I can go over and over them without ruining them, unlike watercolors.


Now, since mid-day Sunday, I’ve had the sharpest, I think sinus, headaches. Bah. No fair, really. I took some Tylenol at Jason’s Mom’s house, which did have some effect, and made me quite dizzy, but the headache soon came back and we had to leave a bit earlier than we had planned.

I didn’t blog yesterday, in part because of that, because I barely was able to paint when I came home, although we had a lovely feast, a lovely time.


Today, the same headache, and my friend Lourdes and I had a great walk at Gunner’s Lake, she with the same headache! Rested when I came home, then up again in frustration, to paint. I can’t stand laying there in bed, basically writhing in pain.

I did also write on The Front Porch, up to 35,109 words! this morning, for a good amount of time. Yay. I hadn’t written in some days. So that is good. I’m hoping to have a regular routine of writing after checking social media, after I get back from walking Chipper every morning for a little while at least. Then maybe rest, then paint in the afternoon. I usually paint in the afternoon, but rarely feel like writing. Routine is so important for me.

My neck is killing me, and I’ve been so very achey for the past five days. I have been practicing my yoga about twice a day, and it does help, but not sure, maybe stress from not sleeping, is up with my neck! I did have an evening of INTENSE nightmares two nights ago, the night before Mother’s Day, mostly, get this, about my boss from my last full-time job, in 2006! What? For some reason that boss really really is stuck in my psyche big time. I even had another, almost positive dream about her last night. Very odd. I think I need to bring that up in counseling in something to try to break her out of there? Gah.

I also read some last night when I was a bit restless, “read” some Elle and some Vogue, which really means flashing through the pages of them, absorbing colors and shapes, and almost sounds of fashion. I never read them, except maybe the “pull” lines? Is that what they’re called, where they pull text from the narrative of the articles to highlight them, to draw you in? Sometimes, I read those. Not often. Heh. I gave them both to the rental office ladies this morning, who were happy to have them. Fun.

I also read for a while, a few more chapters, in Meditation for the Love of It. Learning about various layers of beingness, consciousness, etc. What I really loved about what I read last night was something that made me very happy: that the more you meditate, or not necessarily the quantity of sessions but the quality, the depth — you can have this sense, or understanding of things that you understood before you meditated, better than you did before. Things like a sense of community, or oneness, or a state of calm, peace or bliss. Now that’s something that I understand, and experience on a daily basis. Yay.

I love it in this book, when I can relate to it. Sometimes it’s a bit over my head.

Well, guys, my head, you know, my neck, body, my psyche as it were. Got to rest me. May read some, though. I like being a student so very much, quiet time at night, just me and the radio and the book or material, the words, the images, absorbing information again. I love it. Maybe that is how I’m keeping my Goddess Mind happy after all.


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