Vietnam Jungle IX – III

DSC_5214Here I’ve been able to add all sorts of new foliage, as well as new brown tree trunks and earthy places.

Can’t really see the computer very well, as I’m up without my contact lenses, which was actually fun to paint without. Nice up close, detail painting, as I could see even better than with my closeup glasses. Woo.

But the computer is superblurry, eep!

So …

One thing from the Meditation book from yesterday, but no painting yesterday … peace is already in you (and much much more than you can imagine (and without) within) (same thing) … you just have to relax into it … keep working on relaxing anything stiff

counseling today helped me sort through old work and boss issues … that I have survived … yay! um


yes! hooray I am not living them now!

flashed traumatically on things that used to happen only on Friday nights at the Country Club when I was a preschooler, still in diapers

while painting and also while stringing the hanging wire for three of the more recent paintings for storage — very distracting and hard to keep motor skills going forward with the same or any consistency — bah

so off to bed with me it’s way late for me! but I did enjoy painting up a bit later than usual … đŸ™‚


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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