Vietnam Jungle IX – IV

DSC_5217Things are really starting to take shape in the painting, as I add depth with Mars Black, and layers of greenery in translucent paint, for foliage and background.

I’m having a blast.

Some of the work from the sketch is representational, some is brushstrokery of the lyrical form, within the sketch, which is coming from no one knows ? hee … and some is because of the translucency of regular strokes, some of which are representational and foliage-like.

Some of the out there stuff is in what I call jungle and Asian code. Don’t ask me to explain what, but it is in energy form, impressionistic, although somewhat graffiti and funky from the Pop mode of art. I cannot hold it back and it fits somehow in the edges and understory of the weeds … I cannot possibly paint all the details and such — so this is the code —

In the meantime, my monthly (and sometimes biweekly) cycle is upon me per Friday night and I’m not moving well at all. So it’s a miracle of sorts and a blessing for sure that any painting has occurred in the past two days.


But I can only writhe in bed in pain for so long. Yes. With such brilliant Sun in the studio. Yes.

Flashbacks still as intense as they were midweek, and some new memories. Just details from vacations at the beach. Emailed my counselor.

Okay. Back to bed.

Oh, and here is the scarf (reversible, also from the Sackler Gallery) of the daye — it’s Spring, but it’s nice and COOL.



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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