Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad

well, because Artichoke Hearts don’t fit in the name, that’s why …

and i have to do something completely different for some good time because I have to put the photo to which the title refers LAST in the blog else it will come up FIRST in the FB blog — okay — so we’re straight now that I shall be talking of other things, not the salad … for …

it is a beautiful day, for example, and I was able for the first time since Friday morning, to take Chipper (ah, but who is taking who at this point, I ask you?) for long walkies again … and it was good.

just clear skies and blue and green flowing trees and the wind was just right, just cool, not cold as it has been, so what I wore worked out — yay! and we were comfortable enough — the Sun in addition was warming just perfectly, not too much, on top of that — hmm, hard to beat a nice Spring morning —

pretty much since then I have helped Jason with some paperwork for my medication and insurance coverage and rested.

not as fitfully, thankfully, for I’m in a lot of achies today so it is really, just laying there, accepting that.

Flashbacks, at the same level, alters coming up to be, but somehow I’m more okay with that today, since I’m not trying to DO anything but rest, most likely?

i’m pretty calm otherwise, listening to music on Radio Paradise coming in from the computer in the studio, tuning in on the IPhone intermittently to rate the Beatles and the like as GODLESS – 10 or so … for these things must be done, you know

the leaves outside and the Sun coming through the blinds are very soothing, otherwise, resting is easier today.

That is not to say that I’m not craving to paint? Oh, MY NO. I am … but another day will come. Tomorrow, let’s say? Surely I’ll feel better, and the novel? It could happen in part tomorrow as well …

who can say about another day … the energy, the outlook, that day’s factors?

now, the image before the salad, is from today’s perfect temperature, with another favorite scarf, from some 10 years ago now? like the sea it is — makes me want to paint — shhh!


so i did get super-hungry about an hour ago and helped make this! which you can read from the title, and the first sentence, what it IS: SIMPLE!


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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