Vietnam Jungle IX – V

DSC_5220This represents what I was able to do yesterday and today, between resting periods. Hooray! I feel like the wildness is really coming in, and the sketch, to which I’m being true, is coming through as well. See how there is kind of a cartoonish 60s Pop nature (Nature) to the sketch, but then my other wild code painting is something else altogether … layers of almost tiny rooms of lyrical foliage creations that you from that distance over there in your land over THERE … hee … can’t really see —

You’ll just have to click on it …

and/or come to the show in November at the Kentlands Arts Barn, and/or buy her … it’s all in your frame of possibilities at this point …

now that’s positive thinking in action

so I’ve been working with the translucent greens and then popping it up with limes and the white lime I made for the last painting — woo!

I’ve found myself quite lost in the wild code painting — meaning, this painting is very therapeutic for me in the wild sections — that sort of lost painting is not possible where precision is needed, but totally allowed for code — understand?

so, a lovely day, though Chipper has been ill yesterday and somewhat today, very fragile and needs our attention and comfort, talking to, stroking and massage, greatly — he even wouldn’t eat — that never happens —

so it was very serious emotionally as well —

he has the saddest expression in his eyes even on the bestest days, since we got him from rescue — kind of the Bassett Hound effect you know? oh my god — he says with them, Love me? now? of course, darling, of course — but Mommy and Daddy have lives as well, you know — but we give him nubbies and encouragement constantly, nonetheless —

I went to put the car in the garage this afternoon before walkies and explained to him in the best and clearest way possible, time frame, place, car, right back, you know? and he was so upset when I came right back — that’s where he stays, on the nerve’s end with us — so we are never very far away from home —

he is a dear boy — on Mother’s Day when I was walking him, around then, people would ask me, strangers, You a mother? Oh no, I said, Just my dog, just Chipper, I would say, proudly, pointing. Well, Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s serious, emotionally, you understand. But it’s all good, Chipper makes sure of that, from his very soul.

But he’s leading it.

Well, per usual, and especially today, a bit emotionally overwhelmed. Physically much much better, getting back to yoga tonight. Missing it terribly! But the emotional wobblies and flashbacks are intense today. Bah.

The garden on our porch is growing UP! I thinned the Cosmos seedlings just where they were right up on each other, and checked the others, the Bachelor’s Buttons and the other pot of Cosmos and they looked ok.

Jason saw his Mom today and she got us a bright yellow daylily, a daisy, and some white verbena, the latter of which we need in our hanging basket, where we lost the darker vine. That will be cheerful. πŸ™‚ So I look forward to planting those this week sometime.

Okay, worn out. quarter to four … maybe Chipper will join me … it’s supposed to rain, and hard, this afternoon/evening. πŸ™‚ Meditation Mode ON!


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