Vietnam Jungle IX – VIII

DSC_5228Now the canvas is completely covered with paint for the first time. Yes. What an accomplishment! Hooray! It does take some doing, eh? Some time …

Today I completed the background to the far right and the area to the upper right of the largest tree. I also added more vines. Yum.

Now I will go back throughout the painting and add many details, to clarify angles, triangles, sharpen things, pop the painting, and heighten brightness and contrast everywhere. We’re almost done.

Now, I am fresh out of canvas. Alas. All my funds are going for my upcoming trip to Nashville to take industrial photos. Indeed.

Well worth it, I must say. More on what I will be working on later.

Today I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly for the first time in a great while, for Jason has been taking over that duty for many months. It was a nice change, and I scrubbed her well, in about twenty minutes.

I also harvested basil, rosemary, thyme and sage, for they were growing overmuch all over each other, kind of choking each other a bit, stirring up a fearsome white spider under the formerly lush basil, which did scare me back into the apartment, yes it did. eep! I laid them all out on the wire cookie rack on the dining room table, where Jason has all of his home recording equipment now, in the smidge of room there on the corner, to dry. We will mix them all together for the Winter’s blahs … and they will be most welcome then.

I did today have enough funds in my account to buy the airplane ticket, nonstop (!) to Nashville and back. Jubilation! June 20 here I come! and back that following Monday. I’m hoping for good Sun and content on the ground. Fingers a crossed, don’t you know.

Other than that, I have no idea where the day went, honestly. I am so tired.

It’s been a beautiful one, nice and cool and HUMID.

Last night we had one heck of a storm and Chipper did fairly well. I lit the candle on my altar and it was lovely.

I like a good storm, myself, not a tornado or a hurricane, mind you, but a good storm kind of thrills me to no end. Well, they do end, though, don’t they.

Today the very Earth was scrubbed clean, don’t you know, the very trees.

I looked through about four or five magazines yesterday for Camille, the lovely lady in the rental office to take home with her to read last night. She was most appreciative. I found Harper’s Bazaar to be the most informative and helpful, to the point. I love the colors, the shapes, as I said before. I find myself, these days, as a well-worn clothing collector, saying, Got it, Got it, or, Got to pull that out this year, heh. I don’t seem to have very much neon, orange or red, but that’s okay, I’ll be fine, as the seasons go. I seem to get the memo, nonetheless. Ha. How cool or uncool am I?

I was reminded of reincarnation today, on of all places Facebook, which has become the flux, the fountain of thoughts in many ways, thanks to my good thought-provoking friends there.

A person commented that she absolutely DID NOT want to live again. I rather agree with that sentiment, having been through hell and back in this life, as it were, at least in the first half. ? Sigh. Things have gotten much better, I must say. I decided some time ago, that I would rather not live again, and I would like to be as GOOD AS POSSIBLE in this life, to rather avoid having to live again. Unless of course I could be of service in another one. Damn me. Sigh. I’m like that, aren’t I. I’m just so blessed in this life, all things considered, I just would hate to see what my next deck of cards, or challenges/hurdles would be in the next life. I mean/goddamn — ten abusers — ? effing hell. Yeah, give me freaking break.

I’ll be good. None of this if I’m needed in another life. I’ll be of service in this life. I hope I’m doing what I can.

That being said. I did email the President twice today, a) email #1 thanking him for his new foreign policy statement and encouraging him to support democracy worldwide wherever possible and b) email #2 telling him of my idea to have a national roundtable with corporate leaders who care about their workers’ wellbeing, inner city and Ivy League educators — to study all global models of education — to come up with a real plan to reform our education/vocational curriculum towards a more creative/critical thinking student body.


I try. I do try. 🙂



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