Rainforest I – Sketch

Jungle_Moss_Covered_Trees_HD_Nature_Wallpaper-Vvallpaper.NetSo this amazing foto is simple called like “wallpaper” or something. Oh my goodness. I searched and searched yesterday through many photographs on the internet and as lush and lovely as the jungle and rainforest is, it seems hard to capture its true beauty photographically. The same fotos keep popping up, and in a search for Malaysia, the Congo and Vietnam came up. What gives?

I feel blessed to be able to paint from anything, since I don’t have the wherewithal, much less the back, neck, feet or NERVES to go to these lovely places and sketch there myself. So, I’m most grateful.

As I said before, I decided to do something I’ve NEVER done before, which is to paint OVER an existing painting. Yes.

Well, today I did it, and tomorrow the super-clever watchers of my website will notice a painting disappear complete from my archive. I won’t tell you which one, mind you. Ha.

I love mystery THAT much, I do.


So. Without further ado, here is the painting, which I have enjoyed thoroughly covering over in Mars Black this afternoon, and which I have sketched in quite draftily, with a watercolor crayon in highlighter yellow (not the real color name).

DSC_5233I quite ran out of room for the middle of the photograph, which I was looking forward to painting, the depth and the flow, and the angles. Oh well. So, I ad libbed some rocks in there. I will ad lib quite a bit of the whole painting, actually. This is only a draft, mind you, and quite childlike, if you ask me. Ha. I have since added a bit of tree and green phosphorescence. Yes. This shall be fun. Against the black, all colors are quite APPARENT. Oh my.

Speaking of POP … I recently had a pedicure, as always, as are my haircuts, much-needed. Hooray!

DSC_5234Now that is a cheerful, cantaloupe shade of pedi. It goes very well with the bit of a tan I’ve gotten so far, and not much else, I must say. It goes with all my clothes — NOT! ha.

But it does make me smile in the best sort of way.

Now, I rather enjoyed painting in black this afternoon. …

Sigh. You see, a good friend and dear poet from Nashville posted on Facebook a photograph … of two young girls from India, teenage twins, who had been gang raped and lynched on a tree there, fully clothed thankfully and not … further mutilated, as I have seen poor African Americans lynched so. It was still so incredibly enraging a sight. No one had any comments, of course …

I wish there was something I could do. I know that Karma will find the stupid, horrible, cowardly murderers wherever they go on this Earth and beyond into their next lives and their next ones until they have fully paid for their crimes. That gives me some … some peace.

And the girls are no longer in pain, they are at peace from their captors.

But I think of all the countries in the world where women and girls are no more than animals to be traded as objects, slaves.

And how very random it is that I was born here. And I am so grateful to be free now. to be FREE now … and I wish it for all women and all beings … I cannot wish it enough …

so it was therapeutic to paint over my old canvas with kind of a new start, in full black, until there was just a bit of Cobalt Teal, or turquoise, and that was the color of one of the girl’s pants, shining there, untouched it seemed, in the Sun, just a splash of color left on the canvas. Jason and I looked at it for a while and I didn’t have the heart to tell him what I was thinking but he’ll read this blog and know it then.

But I painted it all over, the way someone judiciously paints over someone’s graffiti.

And it is a new start, for a new Rainforest I to grow there in just a few new colors, massive trees with curling, daring root systems and boulders with moss on them, old growth to the forest, new growth to me, many many layers of paint will continue over and over until the piece will be done, many weeks from now and I can let it go … but we, you and I will know where it started … okay?

It’s a regeneration, a transformation, ultimately, a reincarnation, like everything in Nature, a rebirth of sorts, a tribute, the best I can do from here.

Na … ma … ste …




About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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