Rainforest I – II

DSC_5238I’ve only painted a little bit, yesterday in fact, due to feeling a bit under the weather the past few days. I have to be careful about that, painting-wise, because my palette is beginning to dry. Eep.

I noticed this with a great deal of concern last night, and painted a wee bit. I realized once I’d started, how therapeutic painting is for me.

I hadn’t even been in the MOOD to paint, which rarely happens, haven’t been sleeping well, achey and the lot. Agh. It happens.

Today I had a 90 minute massage and it was amazing. Much-needed and almost silent, wherein I could tell she found all sorts of cramped muscles in my calves, around my knees, hamstrings, middle back, and the usual places, in my shoulders, arms, neck. Yes. Progress.

I had a lot of flashbacks during the massage, and thought-talked my way through them intensely, as I do, but it was a bit … off-putting and stressful. I couldn’t say anything, of course, and very random ones, that surprised EVEN me. I just did my best, and eventually “things” calmed down.

We then went straight on to get Chipper’s toe nails clipped, as if you remember he has this mondo toenail that grows twisted in the right back paw? Gets caught on things? It’s grown a lot and well they all needed a trim, but especially THAT one. They went as far as they could. He’s been all stressed out from that and is now passed out cold on the bed, sleeping hard.

Then I prepared labels and packed up the two framed photos for drop off tomorrow for this weekend’s show, after counseling tomorrow.

While Jason moved paintings into the new space where the Hammond organ was (which we gave away, unable to sell it sadly, this morning to a nice fellow) — this lovely new clean corner space you see — in the den — for the open house/party/flash sale in August — from where they have been stored beside the dining room table — I designed a 2015 Cumberland Island Fine Art Photography Calendar for sale — to be unveiled SOON! I’m awaiting a tech support email to make sure it’s perfect before releasing it, don’t you know?

Then I helped clean the area by the dining table and took Chipper out, but there was a fight between a couple there by the pool, right in front! so Jason came out with his walking stick to make them move along, which they did, and Chipper and I resumed walkies. Sigh.

So now the blog and now for resting again. I think one day? I rested all day, but I don’t remember which day. That’s bad of me, but my short term memory is bad, perhaps it was Tuesday? Sorry. I guess that’s okay. Except for the drying of the paint mixes. Alas.

Chipper just came into the hall, for it is exactly 6 pm and he is ready for bedtime. He loves it — we play and snuggle then. So he’s on it. Got to go!

Take care. Hope to paint more tomorrow. 🙂



About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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