Rainforest I – IV



indmachtool2470playsmWell, lo and behold, remember I said I hoped that the industrial fotos were being well-received over the weekend at the art show? Indeed they were, especially the one above, which won Best in Show for Photography at the Woman’s Club of Potomac Art Show and Sale, juried by Glen Kessler (http://www.glenkessler.com).

I tell you, I came into the front hall where the two lovely ladies were sitting behind the table with all the nice handouts, and I picked up a brochure and the list of awards? I said my Hello’s, of course, and then I ran my finger down the list of awards, only to find my name at the top there under “Photography”?

Well, I had to sit down, asking permission first, of course, of the nice ladies, who moved their purses aside for me. I told them what had happened and they congratulated me, and my finger shook back and forth a good two and three inches on the page showing them the one line where it read my award.

I had to sit there some two minutes to catch my breath.

Then I walked in, trying to orient myself among the 4-500 pieces of artwork in the gymnasium, and to find my pieces, which did take about half an hour, and was kind of exhilarating, meeting new people along the way.



DSC_5369I painted some yesterday, but you couldn’t hardly tell enough for a blog, really, and I was feeling unwell again, this time with a horrible burning in my nose. I think I came down with some sort of sinus thing from the art reception? I’ve been resting and taking Sudafed.

I did however paint a tad today, and you can see where I’ve added Red Oxide to the trees? That is about all I’ve done, but I think it’s really a good step in the right direction.

I also did take the photos of the dancers Sunday morning for an hour before the art reception and converted them to grayscale this afternoon.

I’m pooped, but it was a lovely experience, all in all, and gives me funds for a haircut (woo!) in the morning and hopefully if the invoice is approved, for the Nashville trip. It all adds up.

While I was taking the photos, I can hardly see, you know, anymore to focus. So I’m super careful about the white focus dot, which was going in and out on me, the first time because the first battery died. A quick change of a fresh battery, and problem solved? Well, yes and no. It was a light and movement issue after that? or the camera is getting old? I have no idea, unless I was getting unsteady of arm. So I was most grateful that of the 126 fotos I took, only about 4 were really soft-focused. Alas. So, not so bad for an old-timer. See, I really can’t do even photography for a living. I really can’t focus without that dot, worth a damn. Damned luck, if you ask me.

But the fotos are beautiful, in color and in grayscale. Funny thing, there’s an option for true Black and White — and it’s way too dark. So I stuck with the grayscale option.

While I was processing the foto files I was having flashbacks and had to literally say what I was doing to get through the tasks. Exhausting but I made it.

The garden grows by leaps and bounds. The cherry tomatoes are so tall, we worry about them.

Okay, Chipper just gave me THE LOOK, from the hall. Gotta run.








About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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