Rainforest I – V

DSC_5371Today I focused mostly on mossing up the rocks in the forefront, with a very light wash of a mid-lime mix. I tried very much to think about the light of the Sun coming in from the upper left of the painting, spurring the growth of the moss around the shapes of the rocks, which I got to complete make up. (!) It turned out to be a rather sensual experience, although I tried not to get too carried away.

This is completely a rough draft, as the rocks are completely too light for the painting. The rock that is mostly brown is closer to what I imagine all the rocks ultimately being. I’m simply doing a shapes study for all of them right now.

Then I added tiny branchlets and some very light lyrical brushstrokes in brighter lime mixes and Sap green, depending on where they fell, here and there, between the trees. I rather like that there is a kind of tryptich (sic, because there are like, five panels) or separate painting panel effect going on between the trees. Very much, and I’m playing with the light and … branches and … everything. Depth and Light.

I also used my fingertips a lot to smudge light for the first time today, and felt like a Tinkerbell? a?

Have felt so physically bad today. Bah. Still with this sinus thing.

But walked to get my haircut because I needed the exercise, lovely day for it and I literally could.

Jason had the VW Bee to visit his Mom today anyhoo, so … the Honda Hornet, being harder for me to drive these days … lo

It took ten minutes and I was twenty minutes early, she took me and … lo … I love my head again. No longer feel such an oldster helmet head. Yay.

However, cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry, started packing for Nashville, the hiking boots mainly, dinner dress things I will not be wearing before then … and this was much to the upset and chagrin shall we say for Chipper who knows of the suitcases. I told him I’m going to see some friends … and he almost went off his food tonight. So … begins the … working with him on this.

Flashbacks today about five or six heavy duty ones and my head about to come off at the jaw. Straight off.

When I wake up from nightmares and stressmares every morning the past five days or so, around my knees and hips, back and neck, elbows, wrists — cramping and aching — so yoga has been first on the agenda before bathies. And it is like some sort of milagro/miracle yes? Yes. I cannot recommend it enough.

I should have stopped at noon and done a second round.


But before bedtime it will ease what’s cramping me now, mostly around my pinched skullcap and wrists, lower back, knees. Yes, those places. And my grouchy face. I’m so very tired, you see.


A productive day, however. Rowrh.

I must see to Jason and Chipper and eat some more food.

πŸ™‚ There I knew I could πŸ™‚


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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