Checking in …

DSC_5377As you can see, the cherry tomato plants, the three of them, are growing up from the zinc planter to the ceiling of the porch there … it humbles St. Francis of Assisi, as does the entire garden growing there, as it does me.

For I have been fairly bedridden since coming home from volunteering at the art receptions at Black Rock Center for the Arts around 7 pm or so Saturday night, such a long day for me …

since my monthly cycle started.

But it is such SUCH a blessing, I must say, today with my add-on migraine, that it happens now, NOW, and not while I’m in Nashville, TN in a few days, right? Right!

Yes, so even though I’ve been down and not painting and YOWing in bed. I’ve been grateful, if that is possible, and it is. Mrowrh.

A lot of flashbacks the past few days, and some minimal yoga. Trying to meditate, but just as much as I can breathe away pain is about it. That’s pretty intense, if you get me.

Today I almost fainted taking Chipper around the swimming pool, which he really likes, to watch the “friends” as all people are called to him, for ease of use, “people” being a harder word to get across to him — because of the literal heat and screaming of the children in their absolute fun and glee. Fainting no fun. Later I was shaking so much in bed I called Jason on the phone in the other room rather than stand, to see if he could bring the hummus and crackers, which he gratefully did. The migraine is so bad, guys. But the shaking is better now. ๐Ÿ™‚ For a while there I was wondering if I was going to make my trip. Bah.

So, just to say that little bit, and to hope that tomorrow I can paint a bit.

Not knowing if I can blog Thursday through Monday, okay? because where I will be staying with my friend she had not the computer access and blogging with the IPhone is suffice it to say MUY MUY problematico. Causes me security issues for some reason, so no go on that front. Will try, but cannot foresee it.

So will try before I go tomorrow, and if not, see you … soon? ๐Ÿ™‚



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