Rainforest I – VII

DSC_5379So after all I did have a bit of time and wherewithal to paint today. Yay! I focused first of all on changing up the lighting a lot. I completely removed the lighted area from the middle, which reminded me overmuch of a serpent’s head. Now that I’ve done that, I love how those two trees are much more present.

I then had a bit more energy and created grayish rockery within the crevices between the larger rocks.

That’s all I had, for my neck and left hamstring were giving me fits.

So without further ado, I changed from shorts into comfy pants and did yoga. I’m still in not great shape, so took an m.r. and am headed to bed at four pm. Which is rather late. Really. But I’ve been packing and stuff today, right? Yes, although I started packing last WEEK!


I’ll have my heavy photo bag and now heavy purse (with book, medicine and whatnot) it adds up to carry on and that will be quite the task with my neck and back and now hamstring. Hmm. So I’m hoping to wake up in much better shape and do yoga and bath in the morning. Well, of course, bath, of course, both. And walkies.

The main bag, well of course I am a heavy packer from way back, nearly bringing everything I own? almost seeming like every tee? gah. I tried to pull things out today and succeeded in pulling out two minis, one sparkling navy and one an everyday salt linen. Hooray for that at the very least. I shake my head now at my silliness. It’s Kitty who does this, who insists on dressing up, you know.

Oh well.

It is fun, after all, but it wears on me at times like this, the body, carrying it, literally.

I’m really excited, though.

As soon as I started painting today — flashbacks, severe ones, knocking me back. And again while walking, almost as soon as the heat hits me, and with the temperatures, the light — memories of similar climes. But the heat especially, drifty flashbacks, not good, you all, but what can be done, but to not pass out. It’s like being different ages through different lenses walking Chipper, a little girl smiling at the cars and flowers passing by. I do my best.

I told Chipper and he is bearing up fairly well, rather sad and lots of sighing, so I need to get to him where he is waiting for me in bed as well.

Without further ado. Rest I must. Will try to check in again when I can before Monday or Tuesday but not sure what I can do — wish me LUCK! 🙂 Take care until then —


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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