New Industrial Fotos





so I had an absolutely wonderful time in Nashville, TN — I must say — I must — I saw so many dear friends who were so generous with their time and took such great care of me — it was awesome —

AND — I was blessed with perfect weather and content at the industrial sites, as we had hoped, yes? see above and below for just the merest sampling of the 93 fotos I worked so hard for the sharpest focus I could muster from my wearying aging eyesight and the sunlight which wrought havoc on the inner focus “dot” — and my dear wrists holding the heavy Nikon D300 (my baby doll, don’t you know) for several minutes at the time, as I ensured such focus and edited for composition — as I do not crop my fotos later on — but with the lens — sometimes waiting for clouds above me to uncover the Sun again —

ah! I was fairly shaking with exhilaration, adrenaline, exhaustion, deep sunburn and muscle strains when I was done at the end of the day — not knowing what I had accomplished, if anything, how many fotos I had taken (hundreds? I had not the slightest idea) —

Our dear friend Scott Paschall stayed with me throughout both shoots and encouraged shade, water and sunscreen — the latter only I refused, which I should have taken, although the burn is now a tan, thankfully and not a peel — but late Friday night I was a FEVER, I tell you and with my right wrist fairly puffy with fluid from strain, left wrist, both elbows and lovely right shoulder with its infamous bursitis hurting with a vengeance from overuse … I scratched on my dear friend Patty’s bedroom door at 10:30 or so and begged Tylenol — yes and was only then able to consider any sleep

but see the results of this exertion above and below …



DSC_5429playas today I gently use that same right wrist to gingerly create websized gifs for my site so that you can soon see them all — soon soon!

such a lovely time I had, dears —

Nashville, its trees in particular by a good 6-10 feet, have grown, and much more in the way of housing, Belmont University, downtown funspots and … well I most of the time did not recognize where I was, and was in and out of surreal understanding but you know me — trippy is fairly good for me or us, as it were — so I was cool with it.

The vegetarian food was also delicious.

So much to say, and so many much-deserved handwritten thank you letters to write … I am most grateful …

most most … I feel very loved by my dears …

Chipper’s eyes have finally lost their wildness edge again and we had lovely walkies this morning … another surreal landscape which was familiar and strange … a familiar bus driver waved at me, having not seen me in “so long” as if I were a strange sight to him …

Well, I’ve just before blogging finished the fotos taken at the first site, and I’m off to the second, in a pleasant groove — I cannot wait for you to see them, although it’s some days to make the web pages, etc. — stay tuned!

Love Love, dears — happy happy joy joy! whee!


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