2014 PSC Metals Fotos

DSC_5438playSo this one is of a 20 foot air duct we were first driving by at PSC Metals in the air conditioned truck and I asked to stop. Here? Yes, Here, Please Please. Yes, Yes, Here. I see a seated figure and a figure walking away, slightly crouched. This is the “play” version, which is darker, and I love the dot of pink in the middle right. LOVE the random pink dot, I do.

So, at the link below, you can now view the full set of original and played with versions of the PSC Metals fotos, of which I’m quite excited, about. Syntax be damned. Hee.


And that’s okay to let the grammar go in one’s excitement about one’s art, from time to time. These are my art babies.

DSC_5464playI submitted this one to the Take over Times Square (sic?) of Seeme.com (sic?) I should know better to get both of those super right but … anyhoo. If I win I will get them soooo right don’t you know. Anyway, I submitted that one and I think it would be lovely superhuge in Times Square, with the words “out of the scap yard … beauty”

yes, indeed. who can imagine such a thing, but there they are just waiting for me to snap them with a lot of work, and vision, and that sort of thing. I’m so happy to find them, truly. yes.

Had a lovely reception experience this afternoon at the Hyattstown Mill Arts Project Stone Show, where my painting from 2012, Italco II is featured through August 2. Amazing sculptors explained their processes and we grokked in the most wonderful ways. A fellow painter and I discussed oil and acrylic and Andrew Wyeth, the painting process and global, even tropical inspirations we share. It is also such a lovely building, overall, a wonderful group of folks there, and they would like me to read poetry there, possibly in September, which thrills me.

I came back and carefully, methodically finished the web site section, as I have been for the past days or so since blogging to you last. And she is done.

Now I can begin painting again. Yes.

I was able yesterday also to order five fresh canvases, clean and white, 22 x 28 inches, to rebegin the Vietnam Jungle series, as I have a bit yet to go there, and then some more Rainforests, I believe.

In some great deal of pain today. Very dizzy and dissociated when walking Chipper and with great effort staying tuned in. Not sure what is happening there, besides a frightful headache that I woke up with and have just resolved to cope with all day. I’m like that with the chronic pain, right. Like, whatever.

Emotionally in a good, peaceful place, but flashbacks from what I remembered in December, because I’ve figured out how to put it in the screenplay for the first novel, and random flashbacks per usual, about five today, big ones.

Looking forward to meditation tonight. Have been enjoying music a great deal, as well as the lovely weather, the birds, the trees, the colors, and silence. It is such a great time of year. Hoping to get to the pool regularly soon now that the website work is done.

Ah, but the screenplay. Ha.


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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