Rainforest I Finitti

First of all, for those of you who are US citizens, let me wish you happy relative freedoms. Seriously. Those freedoms are HUGE. I appreciate them, so very much. Just saying, thank you, to all those who fought, in battles, in courtrooms, on the streets, everywhere fights are fought to protect our liberties — THANK YOU ALL.

Happy Independence Day!

I always wear white on July 4th, thinking of vintage Gibson Girls, I suppose, strolling down to the Town Gazebo to hear the Town Civic Band and watch the Town Fireworks, don’t you know? That’s why. It’s not a white thing, really.

DSC_5473This year is a white tee, and a white lace trimmed mini, with an ocean blue sea glass bead bracelet. Ahhh. And it could not be a breezier, almost Autumn-like day. Incredibly beautiful.

I was able to LET myself take time off to just rest poolside in the Sun and not get up for lo, forty-five minutes, listening to the Black Keys new album, which as of yet, has not grown old, nor have I memorized it wholly. Not sure how they did that.

Listening to Nomad by Bombino now, post Agadez by them. Yes.

Also sipping a bit of Cabernet to celebrate the DAY. Mmmm. Quite lovely. And I’ve painted for the first time in MANY many days, mind you.

At first I looked at Rainforest I and was like, You’re DONE. Aren’t you? But, No, she said. Not quite, as I added hallucinatory highlighter lemony citrus yellow green light to her. Not quite. I also added quite bold bits of Mars Black in there. Are you done? I would ask her, until finally she relented, Yes, I am.




Tomorrow I shall begin a new sketch and painting of Vietnam Jungle X and perhaps that will be the end of the series. Not sure at the moment. Won’t be able to show you her foto, because she is copyright-protected (out the wazoo!).

But she is lovely and bright and full of movement, light and LIMES.

I may end the series on such a bright note.

Kind of wanting to continue with these Rainforests, now that I have started them, you know?

Today, just to give you an idea, I reached down to put my hand on Chipper’s head, kind of my own Reiki-like thing where I keep it there for a full count of ten, and damnit if I didn’t have an alter come up of my Great Aunt Ladybug’s house/Granma J’s house. Full on.

Now why that happens, I don’t know, but it does, and it’s startling and traumatic, but I held on and kept my hand there for him so as not to startle HIM, right? but just to give you an IDEA.


almost fell over, tripped over myself, lost my balance like a drunk person or something about four or five times walking Chipper this morning … not sure why that happens, but I have to be super careful walking anywhere because of the alters. Also to give you an idea. They come up and … whoa! I’m going to look at the tree! listen to the bird! whoa!

so embarrassing, so I really have to take care.

and then when I actually do have a bit of cabernet, right?

bruises, I knock into things — have to be even more careful —

I really have done something to my wrists with the camera on 6/20 taking photos for the day with the heavy Nikon D300 and I do worry about Paris for the week, right? eep — have to wait a bit to go to the doc until I can pay off an existing sum or start a plan for them from the back physical therapy this Spring — then I can start again — they are super nice but to be fair to them — still — the right one for sure, hurts when it’s still, hurts when I am just shampooing my hair, right? with usage, so you can imagine, painting, holding a coffee cup or anything with any weight to it, trying to scrub a pan, or paint, computer work? gah — i’m really kind of upset about it but what can be done until something more is known about what I’ve freaking done to myself — mmm harumph

last night I had the BEST time reading more of Yoga Journal …

and Flannery O’Connor’s biography — so much — I must say — I can really relate to her so much — sauntering around the women’s college being persnickety about this and that teacher or course or subject but keeping a low profile while becoming very active at the same time — too funny —

and then graduating just as the WWII is ending in 1946 ! to get a scholarship in Journalism (which she doesn’t really want/care for) in Iowa and marching straight over to the English department, where they have to ask her to write down what she is trying to SAY, because her Southern drawl is so thick — and she is immediately admitted into one of the first MFA in creative writing — I AM SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS! she is encouraged and begins to write away — agh! this is marvelous news — so i’m just thrilled to be following along with her tales and sense of humor

I have of course no idea really about reincarnation but she suits me rather well — although a) she can’t spell (and I can SPELL) and b) hates to dress up (and I LOVE to) and is c) fond of caring for birds and I FAIL in this category having lost both my parakeets at an early age, well, my two black cats had something to do with chasing them away, but I was rather tired of cleaning up after the birds. See? But these are MINOR differences compared to what we have in common. Hmm. I shall read on, and soak her up. She is a doll, although she would hate that word, I’m sure. Ha.

Okay. Time to walk Chipper and then? Well, I have a crick in my neck on the right and I need to rest to see if I can ease her up. Then call it a daye. a lovely daye. 🙂


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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