Vietnam Jungle X – I

DSC_5479Here, with a great deal of distraction from a great deal of pain, I’ve accomplished the above painting, of green-black trunks, and two bright lime leaves with the light shining through them. Hurrah! For real. It’s no small thing.

For I’ve had a significant load of physical pain today. Harumph. I’ve really done something to the right upper side of my body, I suppose with taking the fotos? agh. We think it’s time for the monthly professional massage, which we’ve been putting off for some weeks, with the cost of the Nashville trip behind us. Hmm. We shall see. Serious fricking pain, you all. Neck, should, elbow and right wrist. Left wrist as well. Need to get checked out when I can. Sigh. Quite frustrated and concerned, for like everyone else, I need these parts, for … stuff, don’t you know? argh

Otherwise, a delightfully lovely day. Tried to spend some time at the pool, but was too distracted by pain and a 70s flashback during crossing the street during walkies with Chipper, edginess from both, to last longer than thirty minutes there, lovely The Shins soundtrack notwithstanding? oh well. I am blessed nonetheless. Right? I am!

It could all be much much worse. I could have wounded myself so severely as to be completely nonfunctional. Or … something, right? As it is, I have time to wait. And complain. Ha.

Rested with Chipper for a good deal of time mid-day, to HIS grand delight. His breathing is short and caught, by allergies? or something and we’re watching him carefully, but short of his twice daily Benadryl what more can we do? He gets a checkup at the vet on the 16th, mostly for his errant toe. I worry so about him. He really doesn’t like for me to be far away, and whenever I’m near I give him extra cuddles, pats, kisses, words and encouragement. I feel guilty for not spending more time, but how can I? I would be in bed all the time with him. Poor dear. I do spend enough time, but I still feel bad.

Well, time to give him kibble in reward for jumping up on the bed for sleepies. He loves his routines. Thanks again, as always, for listening. I really appreciate you all being there, out there, somewheres. hee 😛


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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