Vietnam Jungle X – II

DSC_5480This progress encompasses two days’ worth of painting, and hard won, I must say, given my pain levels. Bah.

I mixed Chromium Green with Hansa Yellow, almost half and half, until I had the green I desired for the new leaves, and then added Acrylic Glazing Liquid just to the edge of the mix, to give me a bit, just a bit of translucency and glide.

Even so, I just feel a bit off when painting yesterday and today, like the painter is not today up, but I must go forward nonetheless. That’s just me, the determined going forward me no matter what me, I guess. Still, not bad, but I don’t feel at my best with the pain in my wrist, elbow, shoulder and neck.

I did ice my wrist today, which was rather excruciating but had to be done. Then I moved the ice to my neck, having flashbacks all the while, on my mother, on all sorts of things, don’t you know, of course.

Also while painting, of course the flashbacks. It’s me, after all, not complaining, just reporting, I guess.

Did get in touch with a friend who worked on National Treasure the movie back in the day about how much description is allowed in a screenplay and BOY did she have lots of tips and … I’m so blessed to know her, let’s just say. Stay tuned. For example, the screenplay needn’t be that long, only 90-100 pages. I so would’ve written a 250 page thingummy. You know it. To match the book, right? Right. So, not to do that. That focuses me a lot. Quick edits, for example, and quite the challenge, for my mind, and for my wrist. Eh?

But I have at least until October, my own goal, roughly and then after. Which is too loose for words, in my book, after which, Paris, I plop fotos and video into it and she’s agreed to review the piece. I can’t be done soon enough for me now. I have INCENTIVE, you see, now that she’s on it.

Was able to swim in the loveliest perfect temperature of water in the pool today, just perfect July pool weather. Laps, I know not how many, I just swam until crampy, then Sun-dried until my stomach growled for more bananas. Thus and so.

And now the day has fairly ended in a way, time to give Chipper his “bed crunchies” as the reward for “showing me the bed” and getting ready for “sleepies” myself. I’m so used to this routine of going to bed early by now. Whatever works, eh?


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