Vietnam Jungle X – IV

vietnamxv4Today with the new brace that I’ve been wearing since Saturday on my right wrist, I finished painting the upper right dark, juicy abstract leaves. Then I turned again to the more Palm/etto leaves of the upper middle right and detailed them until completed.

Beyond the dark leave in the upper left will be blue sky, and behind the rest will be Sap Green funky abstract jungle code. Made up stuff. Whee, indeed. Then balance for light and depth, etc.

But no red stripe down the front after all, methinks. There is just too much innocence and light coming down from the piece to add human blood. The war is over. Not in my memories, but on the canvas, at least, in the jungle, these colors are safe, though still largely in code.

Took the brace off after painting because it was swelling or something and have to be careful the rest of the day, no writing or stuff.

Had already done some Summer laundry, almost pretty enough to photograph, but really, really? heh

prettier than the equivalent six months from now, that’s for sure — these colors are light and stripey although the grays have made it in since there has been some rain here and there …

cosi fan tutti – gray snugglies — yes? and in Winter – double yes – i don’t think one can layer on enough gray, in Winter, actually snuggly



scarves? don’t get me started, me with a box spilling over for the full year, a lifetime’s collection mind you

but then, what would you expect from an artist?

i suppose? flamboyancy?



the screenplay is now at page 18 for page 48 of the novel, and at a place which makes me stop and take note of … how to interpret the visuals in the novel actually where something comes to life idealistically — ahhh it’s a lovely dilemma but i needed to paint today

just found out, like just this second that my industrial fotos will be part of an animated collage in Times Square on July 24th that SeeMe is creating! whee — stay tuned!

well, I guess I’ll call it day, oh, and loving the stories of Flannery O’Connor in her biography I am reading about her following her bliss/passion of writing up there in New York State at Yaddo in the Autumn some time in the late PostWar 40s — just her munching away on vanilla wafers and such — getting her work done on her writing —

I even wondered about a screenplay about Flannery and writing the author of her biography for permission — of course much more research is needed as well as time in Georgia. But what a fun thought that is, to help bring her to life after all these years, what a spirit, what a character!

Okay, who knows if my hand and mind are up to what? The flashbacks of Christmas past has been strong, as well as the abuse by my babysitter. Really rough, time slipping out from under me and did rest after painting for a considerable time, but of course the flashbacks increase when I rest. Not complaining, just reporting per usual. So it’s been a heavy day.

The screenplay also increases the flashbacks like maybe threefold. But I’m therapeutically working with all of it, actively, creatively going to let the character work into literary fiction and time travel toward a transformatory end. We hope this is a good intervention we do, me and my selves as the alters are up more.

Really going this time. Time for bed.


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