Vietnam Jungle X – V

DSC_5484Here I’ve begun painting in the foreground tall grasses as well as beginning some of the jungle “code” as I call it, behind that in the disappearing foliage and light.

I had a blast, as my confidence was up, or you could say my Painter was up. Is up.

I did write on the screenplay yesterday and have been resting my wrists a lot, so less blogging.

Also a lot of emotional processing with a lot of flashbacks these days, lately.

So …

it goes.

On page 22 of the screenplay and page 52 of the novel. A friend on FB mentioned a 170-page version, a miniseries? not on television. First it must be seen in moviehalls. It must be a movie. There is something magical about moviedom.

Yes, I have a THING about television. I need to get over it.


Anyway, my theory now, is that I’m definitely, or probably definitely, going to run over my goal of 90-100 pages of draft screenplay and I’ll have to edit my scenes down, trim without and cut whole scenes (alas!) from there.

Agh. It hurts just to … type that.

So at least the beast will be out. And don’t think I’m not editing out as I go, yow. But it is a lovely challenge and exercise, really, although as I said, there is a lot of alter activity because of it.

I’ve been doing my yoga twice a day and seeing it also as general movement time. My spine just needs to move in all directions, so that kind of reminds me of warm up for jazz class and makes me smile.

My neck crick finally went away! hooray!

But emotionally, whoa — things are requiring me to take it really slowly all around. Getting dizzy from the alters and losing focus a lot and just needing to pay attention more than usual, less auto pilot, and more resting.

Auto Pilot? That is where I can just not worry and just be free and do other things while … someone else is minding the store. I don’t really know what falls into the functional category of store, but just hard random things, I have to be careful not to bump into everything now.

It’s temporary though, I think while I’m writing this screenplay, and then during the holidays, right? Right. It’s the same sort of thing. And of course I’m flashing about Christmases of really old past like a lot in July, and that makes all sort of sense. Like making things with old Christmas cards with my sister, baking, candles, ornaments, decorating, that sort of thing — open houses on Christmas Eve …

so it’s like parallel universes come up and split me up side the head. Often. Does that make sense. Not just hit but split the reality for some random period of time and I have to cope or ride along or cope and ride along or ?

so now I’m going to rest … and meditating will help me settle down, so no worries, okay?


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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