Vietnam Jungle X – VI

First off, though, a few wee pics of other things we found at an estate sale tomorrow, and may bid on a three foot black stone? seated Buddha? if the price is right — so beautiful and peaceful it is — ?

DSC_5485I’ve wanted a cake plate for the longest, and this happens to match my Great Aunt Nell’s china pattern, which I inherited, but that rarely comes out, that being said, this could hold piles of muffins and flowers and candles and cakes and … ? whee!

DSC_5486this had to come home with us because it is a handmade wooden keepsake box with a secret drawer inside and the cover artwork reminds me of Gauguin! whee!

so both for $13 cash which is what i had on me

DSC_5488Before that I painted a LOT with Sap Green mostly with the tiny (but not the tiniest) round brush, covering with paint all the hand-drawn details of mine throughout the sketch. Not all of that will be Sap Green, but will be filtered light, jungle code style.

Then there is this super bright Lime I mixed weeks ago and have been wanting to use but only for the grasses section, so it was time to experiment with that, and it got a little graffiti, yes it did.

So that will be balanced with the lyrical.

… Now am going to rest as it is late and I am fatigued and flashing a lot.

A beautiful Autumnal day for July. Just peacefully fresh.

Ate two peaches last night from the orchard with my dinner cereal of Cheerios. I eat so little anymore, but I enjoy what I eat.

We ate at a place for late lunch veggie pizza, two slices each, called Tally Ho, in Potomac, which is a surreally wealthy area, where I won my prize for photography in June, and this gift certificate to Tally Ho — and we went to the estate sale on the way back

fingers crossed for the three foot two foot? Buddha — maybe for the studio this time. all I have (all?) is a four inch Buddha now —

images of Peter Gabriel’s Big Time video blowing up with fruit and stuff

who’s got a bigger Buddha? n stuff

so stupid really, but it is really beautiful

vague …




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