Vietnam Jungle X – VII

DSC_5489First thing after walking Chipper this morning, I went back to the estate sale, and got the Buddha, which you can see on the drafting table in the studio above now. It it not three feet tall, not stone, but cast bronze, half price and twenty five dollars less than that. And that is all I have to say about that, except that the Buddha found a happy home. I also met two Buddhists there who admired him and were nice to me in line, so he comes with their blessings.

DSC_5490This afternoon I painted a bit in the brightest limes, adding some movement to the center and sides of the painting, before working with the mid-lime mix to fill in almost completely around my jungle code work from yesterday in the Sap Green. There is also a found lime green yellow orchid in the upper right quadrant just peeping in, what? yes.

So getting happy with the painting, with layers just beginning.

Robin’s egg blue sky next? who can say.

And much balancing.

Now to rest my psyche. I must say how very surreal everything is with much of elementary school and college up these days, well, today being like days. But drive I did and well. So that’s a blessing, surreal or not, Potomac not being that far.

Still with the cool air for July. Wearing grey shirt and cantaloupe 7 inch shorts. Because it’s cool and slightly overcast, needed a bit of punch.

Thinking about going without polish on me toesies. The lovely cantaloupe keeps popping off, and I keep bumping into things as I said. May not be a habit I can afford to keep up, the massage membership, too. Has to go. But not without another lovely massage, I say. At some point.

So au naturel on the toesies, although I still have a hangnail on the big right toe and clipping them as nicely as they have been — maybe quarterly? we shall see. I can’t reach them myself, with my back, to do it well anymore, which is how this whole thing started. Age!

Although I don’t feel that old, nearly as old as I did at 40. Funny, huh?




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