Vietnam Jungle X – VIII



The above two fotos were just taken in the lovely light of the studio, me with pink striped cotton pants and a lovely floaty scarf and white tee on, sans toe nail polish, which is not all the rage at the nail spa, mind you, although I told them I would be back for my quarterly pedicure, not in so many words, I’ll be back I’ll be back I kept saying over their whispers to each other … and I will but for now this is best … and I must say not having to worry about chipping my pedicure is the BEST stress relief!


DSC_5493So yesterday and today I worked on adding the pale Robin’s Egg blue sky above the bursting jungle … and I do love the clear contrast. I am adding it in little pieces to the jungle where I think it would fall naturally. In the original foto there is an enormous amount of light shafting from the middle right center which I am ignoring, but I will be adding sky there, and possibly white, not sure. I like the green shapes there for now.

There are places that I want to strengthen when I balance in the green areas and that will happen as a contrast to the blue sky now, weight and shape, movement wise, so that it seems natural. The graffiti will not win.

Met a dear friend for lunch at a new Germantown India Bistro restaurant today for the first time on the restaurant. It was delightful, and got to catch us both up. She’s just back from a two week foto jaunt to Iceland and did very well but had adventures to relay which was great fun.

I walked both ways, because I felt it was the right thing to do, on many levels, and it was great exercise and a wonderful outing in Nature. The Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Pink Echinacea and Yellow Yarrow at Black Rock Center for the Arts made me stop and smell the roses, as it were.

I probably should walk much more, in preparation for Paris. I should walk much more just because it’s the right thing to do. But then I already walk a lot.

I woke up very tired this morning, and had to stop painting early because my back seized up. So I’m off to bed at 3:15 pm.

Yoga of course extra flash.

Lots of alters/flashbacks still with almost every hygiene activity per usual but don’t think I’ve reported that here — brushing my teeth, etc. — but triggered constantly anyway — like the moment the brush touches the canvases each day — boom — they’re up running around — traumatic memories flashing — Christmas — stuff — competing for head space — frontal lobe? but not really competing just up/flashing — I just have to be in the theater kind of —

So just one itty thing, submitting this Saturday evening, post Poetry Reading, from 1-3pm at Washington Art Works, MIND YOU — in Rockville, MD — for which I prepare with the set of poems —

this Saturday evening I’m submitting the paintings Splash and Verdant to the Griffin Art Center Unfiltered 2014 Show, in Frederick, MD — more info to come on my website — show runs from August 2 – August 30 —



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