Wrapping …

foamedpaintings1What HAVE I been doing all this time that I haven’t been blogging to you? well, I haven’t been painting nor writing on the screenplay … harumph …

I did today however begin the massive (MASSIVE, I say) preparations for the open house (flash sale/party!) on August 16th by wrapping and labelling all the paintings you see there on the left hand side. There! you see? whew! In another foto, at another time, I shall show you the massive rolls of FOAM! by the dining room table, which used to be in the garage, which we are closing down this week, before Thursday, as it were!

What a luxury to have the foam in-house! Truly! But how, strange? You see, I had to buy two huge rolls (four years ago now?) at the minimum and I’ve about half used the first roll. Heh. But a solid investment they are. And see-thru for goodness’ sake, so that folks can see what they might be buying, right, day of? That is my dearest hope.


I look at all that work, just to wrap them, and then I realize all the painting work … Wow!


Have come through a serious BLUE period early in the week where I was having trouble getting out of bed, including Wednesday, where I just went ahead and called it an emotional sick day. My counselor said, Get up. So I did, of course, within reason, per my disabilities, eh? And then rested.

Very dizzy all week with flashbacks and alters, per normale … agh … not coping as well as usual, per my blueness … but trying to cope better …

Yoga goes well, and my therapeutic yoga instructor is coming to see me on Thursday at 10 am! yay!

Still having a lot of muscle tension in my neck, not cricking up but damn near — working on my posture and my gut — argh — a constant age thing — almost swam today but was so intent on getting the house in order — and Chipper was very needy so I didn’t want to leave him — poor thing — he is looking very gray around the eyes as of yesterday? how can that be?

Very surreal no matter where I am, not recognizing stuff, just kind of there, doing stuff, and I have to be okay with that for now, hoping to ground again at some point … meditation goes well for it’s easy to observe, right? so looped out …

But was most, and still am, very excited about the See Me animated collage on Thursday night — what an honor — !! — will post pics when they send to me, of my very own fotos up there — it’s a bit dizzying to say the least to post the 363 fotos they posted to FB without knowing who’s who. So … but enormously gratifying, nonetheless. I was so there in spirit.

In a show with two paintings, Splash and Verdant, from some years ago, which are singular pieces (not part of a series), and have not been shown — at The Griffin Art Center, which opens this Saturday — see my web site home page for deets …


We went to deliver them last night, and oh, how much fun is Frederick? really …

We couldn’t stay because Jason was meeting a musician friend who was playing bass with Tom Principato at Black Rock Center for the Arts, but we do hope to have a nice meal before the opening next Saturday … and when we pick up the art, or so?

Such a fun, quaint and sort of funky place — me likey!

Also had my annual (to the day? ha! not sure how that happened, really) mammogram on Thursday — yow! but it has to be — which was kind of an odd juxtaposition to the See Me loveliness — but still — I was sitting there in my pink paper dress reading about Flannery’s life and her dying and not KNOWING she’s dying (because her Mom doesn’t want her to know) of Lupus, at 25 years of age, in 1952 … etc … and my alters are saying how they don’t like hospitals and such and griping when they came in and said my results were, Fabulous!

Now, Fabulous results for a mammogram are pretty damn good. I’ll take that and run with it, and I sure did. For another year at least, right? And I wore a pink blouse that day, pink sparkly bracelet, khaki shorts, and pink eyeshadow — PINK you know … I was all about it, in case anyone should ask.

Trying very much to stay in the moment but to be super organized at the same time.

Of course I’m almost decided on what to wear on my birthday at Versailles. But not quite. One must be prepared for rain at all times in France, I’ve decided. But I’ve decided not to take a raincoat, but wool capes and shawls, and let them dry out … sequentially. I mean, not torrential rains? Not monsoons? heh … Maybe the long sienna trench … it’s light enough … agh … such a silly girl after all




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