Rainforest II – II


Today I painted in my own custom made lemon-lime sort of green, long flowing fronds of palm leaves. Fun! Then I had just enough time for contrasting Sap Green leaves in two sections, in the very upper middle and to the lower left of the canvas. Whew! That’s a lot of painting!

Chipper anxiously awaits me, so I have to run, per usual, but just to let you know I did harvest the herbs in the garden a third time, and got tons of basil, sage and rosemary, and a bit of oregano. The thyme was too thin to harvest, poor dears. 

I also harvested the dry oregano from last time’s batch and mixed it with the, er dry mix and again my hands smelled of lovely herbs, which i even let Chipper smell. He loves that. The mix will go into scrambled eggs, and roasted vegetables, beginning now!

Okay … I’ve also been reading a lot of the Flannery O’Connor biography and am almost finished, so enthralled am I. Poor dear had her first real kiss, one that she really cared about and he, the dude, reported that she was completely passive. Agh. Poor girl. So he went on about his way, to Europe, to marriage and two children later. She was quite hurt, and wrote a story about it in her way … gah. 

But also she writes about the intentional moral shock value of her stories. I am a little skeered of them now because I’m such a wimp. I can hardly read Burroughs, who she now reminds me of, because (not for moral reasons?) he was of the same ilk at about the same time. 

I am not about shock value although my first novel may be shocking. The truth of life and storytelling (in my second novel) may be shocking enough. I’m more, per my artist statement, about bringing BEAUTY and magical things to the forefront, feeling that we’ve had quite enough concrete and shocking things, thank you. 

Very much.

So again, we differ, on two things again, Flannery and me, about the passive kissing, for I am not, and the intentional shocking. Ahem. But I do love her so. 🙂

Flashbacks are rampant today and have been for weeks, throughout the preparations for the Open House, per usual, and are all OVER the place, throwing me for a loop.


Thankfully what I do is therapeutic …

The massage was lovely and I’m achey today but in a better way, my left knee having calmed down and back to my right knee being the bear. 

And now to folding laundry near Chipper and preparing for bed to soothe the dear …

perhaps more reading of Flannery …

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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