Rainforest II – III


so this painting status constitutes two days’ worth of painting, and careful strokes are they! I have incorporated a new, emerald mix which you may not be able to distinguish from the foto, but which appears to the upper left and lower left in detailed foliage.

I did try a round small brush for efficacy on the detail to the lower right, but it didn’t have enough tension/torque for me to get the coverage of pigment I needed, so I switched to the relatively riskier bright brush I use for larger areas, and with care, great care, and much holding of stomach muscles, (and at one point for some lower leaves on my KNEES — ow!) I was able to accomplish them.

I yesterday got past an initial writer’s block of sorts and finished one chapter — wait, that was the day before — so yesterday I got halfway or so into a very long chapter — Chapter 12 it is, which takes place with Rebekah as an adult in Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia — but covers a fairly long period of drama — and had to stop — because my lower back hurteth — but still, significant progress there —

then switched to careful painting after a while, which is standing

also, the framed stock is now much less — $50-100 — check it out! great time to invest, eh? let me know if you are interested in the industrial or botanical pieces — 🙂

meow —


how very exciting, I think

I also called Dodge Chrome where I get my photographic prints created and got updated pricing — so you will see those reflected in the Shop section — again, a great time to invest — yes!


Okay, must run for now, although there is more news — Chipper awaits!

who is the Alpha? shhhh! don’t remind me! 😛

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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