Rainforest II – IV

82514This, again, represents multiple days’ worth of painting efforts here. And, you’ll see I’ve chosen to completely white out the green (unfortunate as it was) leaf in the relative center of the piece. I just couldn’t stand it. Ultimately. So, I’ve sketched in new jungle code over it. Yay. The piece is coming along more, now, because of that, and more careful work, here and there. 

Sadly, I’ve been depressed since … ? three days hence? and am not sure why. I’ve emailed my counselor so she is aware, and it coincides with an also unexplained nausea/digestive unease, and overall achiness for about the same period. Sigh. I’ve been fairly functional but not too happy. Bah.

I also had a nightful of nightmares one night ago that was just horrific. I just hate that. Last night was more comforting dreams, thankfully, and for that, I didn’t want to get up, heh.

Had a phone call with POPT representative this morning and for that learned how to submit to their exhibitions, and almost moments later had three (!) industrial fotos accepted! See http://www.popt.com. I will upload a link soon for August 29. Hooray! They contacted me with their interest last Thursday having found me online. Hooray!

Finished Flannery O’Connor’s biography and am literally stunned that she has passed away, so vivid was she on the page and in my life, so sudden was her death. Wow. So now have started reading her stories and they are more vivid, if that is, and it IS possible, than her. I am pulled IN, four stories deep to the full collection. 

Chipper shakes his collar and I’m distracted. It is exactly six pm, on the nose, mind you, excellent bird dog timekeeper that he is. I have yet to eat tonight’s stir fry. He is so right on time. He now is in the hall watching me with keen interest. Good night!


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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