Rainforest II – VII


First of all, let’s get the legendary Chipper in here. Among many wrapped paintings, he appears here, refusing to look up (smart boy, and be blinded by the flash, HE knows), and somewhat over it, he is above all, his shiny soft, tri-colored fourteen year old SELF. He immediately post picture returned to the yoga mat to REST. AGH, Mami, he says.

Okay, foto number two.


Proving thereby that anything goes this Fall, biker boots and audacious florabundous maxi skirt? yah. and whye notte? I saye … twas a funne looke todaye … ๐Ÿ™‚ stompe

and the third and final pic of the daye …


That’s two days’ worth of painting there, which is really a few hours’ worth on two days. I remain fatigueeee. Sayeth the French. But still, I’ve made some good progress with the tiny round brush, nonetheless? Here and there? Can you see? Quite 60s Pop Tropicale? I must say. I did yesterday maketh a new olive green. And today painted again in the Sap Green for contraste.

And Lo, the lower back it hurteth so … I must rest.

What giveth? she said? ha.

For reale.

But ’tis Friday, and on Fridays she is allowed to maketh the biscuits, scrambled eggs, and veggie sausage patties … and drinketh of the remaining vin blanc from deinen open house of yore (8/16!) yes! bottles do remaine!

open them! one at least! yes! I shalle!

sip sip!

gah for the pain doth not cease and Tylenol, well, it weareth offe in tyme!


and ’tis Friday!

so I found this bumper sticker I had made up with the cleverish saying I thought up years ago now, “Heaven is a state of mind”

wow — ish? yes?

so this was fortuitous to my perspective yesterday. Because of all the pain, etc. wearing on me soule.


So I applied said phrase to my perspective and lo, but a poem came from it — a poem! You all! it’s been like a year or two since a poem sprang forth — so, lo, I jumpeth forth from the bed in the dusk and wroteth it downe … in somme goode forme — badde tho it were — but ’tis downe —


and basically it’s like — why do you dress for a party all the damned time, gf?

because there should be a party all the time, for the party in my head, eh? the nonstop party in my mind?

because I have so much (pain) to forget, thank you

but then I thought …

every (60) seconds some tragedy occurs, but yet some

miracle occurs every (60) seconds as well

hmmm it balances

it should be a massive fundraiser party

to keep up with the debt incurred

so I’m dressed up for the nonstop party

it has a surprise ending

may be a screenplay one day

we shall see

good bumper sticker, that

so returned to meditating after that, and applied the balancing act which is that yin yang

crazy talk but it does work, making heaven in my mind out of negative mush, crap bah bah

it works after all — what else is there but to make something fertile out of it after all? ๐Ÿ™‚


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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