Rainforest II – VIII


Here I have created another lime, with a blue green and Sap Green mixed with Hansa Yellow in some small amounts. I filled it in around the middle right around emerald green leaves and a larger standard green leaf for contrast and is is a good backdrop color and even a show color in other areas, specifically in the foreground, in contrast with one of the brighter yellowy limes, in the middle of a loop there.

I also created yesterday some emerald green sort of fern-like foliage in the mid right foreground.

There have been other detail pieces over the many days that have passed, wherein I have come to see this painting as an enormous puzzle of some detail to process, with which I have no real choice but to take my time.

I’ve decided that it’s no big deal, for example, if it’s not done by October’s Art League of Germantown meeting (October 1? 3?), which was my prior goal. Now I’ve decided to submit Hana Beach, Maui and Restorf Island as my two paintings for the Winter Glow show. They are complete and worthy.

I will take the time this painting needs.

Besides, I am very achey and tired at the same time, coinciding with this painting.

As with all paintings, but especially this one, it is a a labor of love to complete it, stroke by stroke.

I note as I go, flashing back on this and that from my past and trying very hard to concentrate on staying within my own forms, my own patterns and lines, conceptions …

that the style I am achieving in my eyes is very 60s Pop Art, but also art deco, but also club (fifties retro tropicale, if you will) huh?


that is what I am seeking and intend

party in the rainforest, celebrate its wonder

don’t cut it down in other words


so the initial diagnosis at the rheumatologist on Wednesday last was fibromyalgia and at least we have some kind of name to play with

which could mean my nerves are overexcited and ? my seratonin levels suddenly way off

my neurologist since then suggested, since I don’t want steroids or drugs that cause weight gain like Lyrica or Neurontin (which I have been on before when I was first experiencing problems with my neck for which I ultimately had neck surgery) — that I try strength training with weights

which prompted me to email my yoga therapist, for more weight bearing yoga poses?


and this Wednesday I will be back at the rheumatologist for test results and recommendations

so I am resolved to accept a slower rhythm and to get better of this new … set of circumstances … ahem


what is my choice but to bend and accept and get stronger in the face of it/them?

my spirits are stronger since i found a bumper sticker Heaven is a state of mind. That I had made up so many years ago.

But really for real when you apply that to the garden of your mind (not to mix metaphors) which is otherwise mush … you create your perspective constantly or have the opportunity to with years of practice. Every moment is an opportunity for a fresh perspective on things, an open mind.

Positive perspective = Heaven.

Not naivete but balanced. Heaven takes practice and deep thought.

It’s yours. Create the Heaven of your mind. Creatively visualize what you want in there.

Philosophy, Spirituality, Compassion, Lovingkindness, Fun, Playfulness, Light = Heaven = 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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