Rainforest II – X


Here I’ve made a lot of progress in completing the puzzle which is this painting, delightful thing that it is to sort out, largely to the upper right and left, some coming down through the upper middle.

You know I might finish her in the next few days? Who can say?

Today after walkies and a bit of hanging and putting away laundry, my back was really tweaked, my lower back specifically where the surgery was.

So I stopped and did two of the yoga restorative/yin poses. The one where you roll up the folded beach towel and place it lengthwise and a yoga block at the end of it for your head?  then slowly sit at the base of the towel and roll your back/spine down until you are laying down lengthwise on the towel and your head is on the block?

then lay there and breathe for three or four rock songs? or ten minutes, whichever you prefer …

I tell you it even opens my breathing passages, my chest especially but I can feel so much opening down my spine, down my arms and legs — I cannot recommend this super easy pose (resting position?) enough — how hard could it be to try it out, I tell you?

then I carefully rolled off the towel, because it slightly arches my lower back and I want to relieve that gently, and because I want to come out of that whole place gently — and it is a place, that pose

Table Top pose on all fours, then down into Child’s Pose — ahhhhh, for as long as you want

and I’ve been holding my child’s pose, my downward dog, everything, forward bend, so much more contemplatively, longer — since doing these restorative poses, yin, slow — what IS the hurry? I mean it takes me ten minutes here and there

then I rested and meditated

of course flashbacks all the time, I know, I know, I’m sorry I say — sigh — breathing, deep breathing and reliving to a certain boundaried extent with the alters, holding their hands and hugging them to a certain extent helps us all get across

the river

of sorts

every new moment counts

like the lovely crackle leave treed weather now is it not a mystery of absent ghosts?

i hear the leaves and think ghosts and the leaves say ha I got you


even Chipper is walking warily, tail only half up

I remember thinking growing up … this is the time of year when I was born, Autumn, what does it mean? looking all around me at the “death of things”? the lovely colors and smells before the absolute frost, the beautiful tragic celebrations of the dead, the harvests —

crazy making and surreal and I love this time of year

October I find looking at the calendar literally turning pages in only one more day, Tuesday then Wednesday is October, the new month!

Why? because we’re going to Paris in late October, that’s why! Before long I’ll be pulling out our suitcases and scaring the dog with the realization of what THAT always means. And filling them with all the various and sundry things that are bobbing around in my head now, in somewhat orderly fashion, to be taken in and out and out and in, until they are finally PACKED for good.

It is a very exciting time, and trip.

Paris! Darling. That’s all I can say.

The screenplay is also coming along, at 45 pages to the 123rd page of the novel, not bad, but so much deeper to go. I’m so glad the painting has come along toward its ending so that I can spend more time in early October (!) on the screenplay now. Remember I had hoped to FINISH the thing. eep.

Well, it’s 3:15 and it’s time for me to rest and meditate. I am still getting very fatigued. It’s also a rainy day and that makes me achier. Chipper will be so happy to have companies for day sleepies in bed. 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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