Rainforest II – XI


As I sat and studied the painting and the photograph as I was able this afternoon, trying to decide if I had enough energy to paint

or take a photograph and blog to you again finally

I’m really seeing a tapestry of sorts developing here.

I decided before painting, before resting, whatever happens after I blog to you today, that I would blog instead, so that I wasn’t up against

Chipper’s in the Hall crunch

again. And really have time to chat for the first time in a long time, especially since because of the fibromyalgia I am really not getting around to much of anything but resting and walking Chipper, yoga and … well, resting some more … these days?

It’s a new life.

Back to the painting though, the puzzle is really just that. It reveals itself to me in sections as I paint certain sections, sit back and peruse it. There are definite, intertwining, somewhat natural, splashing, flowing patterns of color throughout that are inherent to the original sketch, and were not forethought at all.

They are only apparent to me now that I paint it.

But they completely work out in a zany Pop kind of way. You’ll have to just see for yourself, what I mean. Ha.

I’m having a blast, when I can paint.

I did make some headway on the screenplay for Rebekah’s Closet, which we all know takes place in Paris at this point in the story. She is working on her second dress now.

I will not be able, due to the need not to wear myself completely out before going to Paris, and literally incapably due to the new fibromyalgia limitation (my only speed now is SLOW), the screenplay will only be where it’s at, when we leave for Paris.

That is now acceptable, after much meditation on that very fact in bed in the past few days. The painting was not completed in a few days last week, either, yet lingers deliciously, yet I may start a new sketch of a Rainforest III or tropical something before Paris. Who can say?

But the screenplay, I will work on it as much as possible given my energies and motivations to get past more chapters and into more scenes in this ACT II of III. For I’ve learned last week there must be three and fortunately, that’s how many I have, exactly.

Instead, to make sure the initial and more pressing goal related to the novel, screenplay and film re: fotos and Paris gets done is, to take lovely fots in Paris of novel related sites — ? — well, yes, I have a very detailed daily itinerary drafted three times hence, now. With much research and stuff, mind you. Ahhh, and much relief that these things will not be left to chance. And other things to do there OF COURSE as well.

And phrase book by Penguin here any day now to study like mad! for as I think I told you my high school French is not a fully developed adult character, in fact is rather demure and folds to the more adult and confident, rather eloquent (and somewhat pig-headed) Spanish personality — why that is I don’t know. But French just begins to form a lovely thought and lays in on the bar for me to see before thinking or pronouncing it out loud? and No! Spanish has to swipe the bar and flamethink it across everything (even English for that matter) in bold Spanish (world)/think. Oh. MY. because Spanish doesn’t get out much anymore and is a bit rusty, and I must admit (lonely). Shh. I speak it as much as I can, but … any hoo …

So I’ve been working on my French mind to hold her hand and deliberately bring her forward and practice with her and she just needs the phrase book and immersion and she’ll be stumbling around just crazy fun. Spanish is going to come out, I know. It won’t abide by all this, but we shall see.

So I donated 12 pieces to The Art Connection, DC Area, four framed large metallic botanical photographs and the rest large acrylic paintings on canvas, this past week, and they will be in an exhibition opening in Baltimore, MD opening on December 4. More info to come. I’ve also updated show information on the main page of my website for the first week of November — the Art League of Germantown, WinterGlow Show — !


There will also be fresh information coming out very shortly in early November about my paintings in The City of Gaithersburg, MD Exhibition that opens on November 17, reception information to come on that SOON!

Believe it or not, Chipper is in the Hall! this time ready for his 5 pm walkies. He runs me like a clock! Well, it was great to chat with you while I HAD THE TIME (hopes Chipper hears this). 🙂

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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