Paris Update …


Well, let me first say that there is no possible way to describe how my life, my very soul, being, has been impressed and irrevocably changed by the recent “trip” to Paris. Hmmm. There is Paris of the mind, and there is the actual Paris. Sparkling Paris, even upon seeing it from the airplane window, landing at night. Is it the older streetlights?

For landing last night in Washington, DC, there is different CLARITY to the US, a brightness, straight, powerful, CLEAR, massive lines as far as the eye can see — for we have so VERY much space here. We .. have … We … possess … ?

that is a tangent …

… no possible way to describe the loving detail to which art and beauty have been extended to ornately decorate and idealize poetry, victory, music, IDEALS themselves on the very architecture of Paris.


so that when we arrive home to the colors of Autumn in full my eyes soak up this beauty quite literally and devour it

the clean lines of the USA are powerful and graceful — Dulles, Alexandria — I am PROUD!

I can SEE!


Too funny?

A beautiful transformation has occurred, a great investment has been made, for which I am most grateful, for which I am blessed.


… and on the second day we asked a young man who politely explained how to find the Alexander III Bridge, which comes to life and interacts with the main character of my novel Rebekah’s Closet … and we walked toward it for four or five blocks, stunned to see it glowing and growing in the distance before us like some creature of creatures … huge and gothic …

I got what we call the photo buzz taking fotos of it until Jason and I realized I had reached my peak and it was time to return to the apartment for the day and rest … you will be able to see all the 388 (notwithstanding the 4-5 that aren’t in focus — bah) on my website as they are up — hooray! day by glorious (a la gloroire!) 7 days that we were there — soon enough!

I am elated and happy beyond belief. Merci Beaucoup Paris!







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