Rainforest II – XIII


You may well have wondered why I hadn’t blogged since November 8th. And maybe you hadn’t. But here’s why.

I posted this on Facebook, but you wouldn’t have known that, either. There was a gang of young African-American young men around 18-21 or so who had seemingly prostituted four young also African American younger women with them

who I saw for the first street right outside our apartment complex where there is a lovely playground on the busy corner there

where children and moms were actually in the playground at the time

so I smiled at them and continued forward walking Chipper, right?

only it was immediately an uncool situation, as the leader of the group was immediately aggressive towards me.

Well, very long story short, we had two encounters with them, Jason and I, and my friend Camilla in the rental office, and we believe since they haven’t been seen in a month and a half now (THANKFULLY FOR THE SECURITY OF ALL INVOLVED) Jason read in the news that some young men were in fact put in jail for that very thing within this same time period for our area.

They were incredibly aggressive and I have not felt that I would get beaten up or worse in this area ever. Ever. So I was very scared and it affected my life, the blog, everything.

That being said, I didn’t paint, but the Fibromyalgia has cut my energies down by half, with the pain of everything (everything, mind you) and the fatigue. So hard to get out of bed, too, every day.

So, I have focused my energy exclusively since then on getting the Paris and Versailles fotos up on my website — and that is done! so I want to share that with you now:


I won’t post a foto from there so it won’t bump the painting foto from above, though, okay? hee so you have to go there to see them if you haven’t been there already …

As far as the current painting … I am very close to finishing her, just figuring out the end of the puzzle, as it were, of the uppermost right section, which has gotten into a bit of intricate tinkering and code that I have to make just right. See foto as you can?

I initially did that with a tiny round brush in Mars Black, but then went in yesterday quite lushly and fairily like with almost a phosphorent lime at this point the way it reflects against the black. I was trying to think as if I was painting with a type of natural gold, a pollen almost.

Not done. Wanting to be done.

Also need to tell you of a new project developing with two other artists. We will be meeting on December 14th to discuss our project development about our memories and experiences of Vietnam and the Vietnam War. Now, I’ve never been, they have — one is from there, and one was in the war, from here.

I intend to create 10 new paintings for the piece, to transform my very intense feelings about the past. My next painting will be the first one in the series …

So my head is full, even when resting, well, sometimes when resting this can come through but when I’m in painter mode anywhere for sure … in time … of washes of black and triangles and horizons and jungles of color and … so much stuff flashes in there … faster than I can say it, I’m hoping I can paint it, give it forms …

when I’m working on the current painting, there is some anticipation of that series, I know — some of that darkness and brokenness of war flashing in — the Rainforest has some of that chopping into it literally as well, even in Rebekah’s Closet it is on fire and not on fire and the strange man is crying and not crying, making love

… I digress …

I did work the tiniest bit of two sentences on the screenplay this morning …

so when I’m working on not rushing the ending of this painting that I have so carefully labored and not rushed on — don’t ruin it, Amy! with black war graffiti, vines, tendrils in code …

Okay, but make with the limes and let’s get to the the last splash of this bright piece … make it about the light!


I like that the Sun is shining through the blinds onto the canvas there, especially, in the foto. It prompted me to go ahead and take it before it overtook the piece entirely.

Not sure any day what I can get done any more. I’m kind of sort of getting used to that.

Now that the neighborhood is safer again, although the recent experience of the gang did make me much more aware of my environment, more skittish, and I carry my phone on walkies now — I am able to recapture more of that “just back from Paris, everything is beautiful, connection with Nature and architecture feeling” that they stole from me — just in time for the holidays. Chipper never lost it, and has truly kept me going every day with his wonderful, innocent spirit, and I’ve done my best to nurture him back every day, and not lose my own.

For, this is that darkest time of year, when we do have to dig deep down and believe in, well, and not only believe in but sometimes fight with everything we’ve GOT — for what we believe to be the LIGHT. Well, we really can never, ever stop doing that, now, can we? 🙂


About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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