Rainforest II Finitti



Oh how I’ve longed for the day I could type Rainforest II Finitti … but I did not rush the thing. It has been a puzzle and a half, to say the least, and today, when I was getting ready with a tiny round brush, to add yet another layer into the bright hot light of lime onto this ground of the upper right, I decided. Non, she is done. Or forever unfinished. One or the other but that is what is done to her.

She feels balanced, and upon closer inspection with the close-up glasses, the detail is fine and fun. I’m learning my way with the tiny round brush I am.


Before I lose the way of my hands altogether, right? I tell you this now, for they shake all the rest of the time, have started, rather, from age and fibromyalgia or arthritis or what have you, but they have. So … I cherish my ability with the tiny round brush I do.

I recall a painting by Georgia O’Keeffe in which she was “assisted” and she was very old. It was almost a single red stroke, and of course brilliant, and very Zen, I thought. But then again, it was one of those things where one secretly goes, I could have done that.

One hates to think that sort of thing. But even more so, one hates to think of the great artist, O’Keeffe with an assisted hand …

I’m no great artist, but I hate to think of not being able to paint out my ideas, as a woman, as a human, as the me, the many me’s that there are, that come out while I’m painting.

So I relish the little time UP that I have to paint. I am in the moment when I am painting, as I try to be all the time.

So! before I’d even taken an archival (as it were for my purposes) foto of the new painting, I have spread out from the Vietnam War Series file (it exists) the images I’ve been collecting thus far for these paintings.

I’ve so many ideas swirling in my head I’m about to burst. Let me at it. I intend a charcoal sketch and would love to do one in dark black oil pastel, perhaps that will come later.

I did find through PsychCentral the five stages of Loss and Grief. I will be exploring these throughout the series and sometimes within a painting, but transcendence and Light are the goals. From intense, horrible horrific warfare flashbacks. We’ll see what we can do, one of the alter fairies said. I trust you, I say back. Ethereal could happen.

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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