Viet-Nam War III – III

vietnamwar3asis2It has been some time since I’ve blogged, and I have done some significant painting on the piece that I need to report in to you all here. First of all, I painted in the Iron Oxide, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber and bits of Cadmium Red undulating and somewhat geometric in places sections to the middle and lower center left and right. The left even reminds me of a human skeletal form inside that is vibrant and alive, and to the right, it is also flesh like and beating but definitely torn apart. This is war, you know.

Secondly, I added the blue sky flowing innocently and purely above it all, under the Huey helicopter, and over what will be the jungle also innocently and purely covering all of this horror. Death itself will also almost be overcome by the innocence of the jungle’s insistence receiving the light and growing, living.

The growth of the jungle that I painted at first is to the left of the red blade falling, of blood. It is loopy like vines and snakes, coiling like worms but not. There are other ancient like forms in there from vines growing over stone monasteries and even an eye.

To the left of death and above it seems to be a Viet-Namese style, intricate, passionate and mysteriously, hypnotically invitingly beautiful like a brocade, vining, as if they have been led to grow a certain way gracefully over time by a magnificent gardener(s). Shining through the crafted and cultivated garden is the phosphorescent and trippy light of a lime setting, surreal Sun.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten with this one, but I do know in my head, that the next painting will be a giant, screaming, pure jungle flower, complete with triangular orange beak tongue. Yes. I hear it and I see it, as well as how it iterates in the series. I am evolving …

I hurt my right knee, or it became over tired or something? Anyway it’s like it reached a limit and will no longer allow me to get down on the ground to do yoga or put Chipper on the harness for walkies three times a day, etc. without a good amount of sharp tendon like pain straight across the front of the kneecap and down the center to the right that pretty much impedes me from using it for much for a few weeks, until it heals. That’s what we do when we’re older. We make do with the longer healing process as we injure easily, we kind of make do.

I also have been icing and heating the thing. You can tell I’m none too pleased about it.

I haven’t been able to do yoga since this morning, and that only cat/cow and forward bend (!) for about four-five days? I have to stretch and move my neck and lower back and spine or things get bad around here. Ha. No, seriously. This is my core maintenance plan gone awry for almost a week.

So I’ve been a bit quiet and restful, more than usual, not even painting really. I even went off the grid for a while, you know Facebook and stuff, and barely communicated with folks, even barely talking yesterday and today. Agh.

Well part of it is I’m going through a lot emotionally and I have a lot to do to pack to move. I have to just take it day by day and piece by piece, room/section by section, instead of as a whole. I get overwhelmed easily enough as it is.

But we did all find a place for me to live, a farmhouse built in 1922, 10 minutes from Nashville, TN — on 6 acres of land — across from a river park with greenways? What? How did that happen? Of course it sounds like the universe provided, and that is exactly what happened. I am truly blessed in many ways.

So I became really humbled and quiet and … kind of even overwhelmed by my blessings and my emotions and everything …

But today I’m hoping to paint more and be up a bit more. I feel kind of raw and tentative. Vulnerable. Like I’m taking baby steps in a big world. What’s that about? I’ll figure it out. 🙂 I’m a big girl. Maybe it’s the newness of moving to a “new” home and “new” city which isn’t new to me but has definitely grown. It’s definitely hard to pull up my roots, that’s for sure. But I nest well, raw as it feels. Wish me luck for landing April 1. Until then, I’ve lots to do here to organize the studio and get ready for … everything move related.

Time for walkies! 🙂

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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