Viet Nam War IV – III and Finding Ground …


so here I am in the studio, with indescribably lush surroundings … Sun streaming through the window to my right and lime leaves new and shouting green in the view throught hte window to my left, with huge happy songbirds popping up and in and out of them like active fruits.

yesterday I put up the bird feeder and today saw one bird on it, a sparrow, sweet thing … and a palpably delicately painted wren of some sort visited all the pots on each step of the side porch of the Sun room outside the studio today while I somehow happened to be looking, giving me an almost British tilt of the head, how you do? and hopping on

I am easily and quickly becoming more of a birdwatcher than before. Sitting at the computer, an enormous cardinal or a tiny chickadee will appear, moments from the window ledge and it is meant to be!

It has taken some good time to feel grounded at all in this beautiful place, this house and this land, this beautiful Earth vantage point. This hilltop from which now I do not wish often to leave

and which Chipper does not want me to leave, either

although that is an entirely different tangent

but this hilltop is magical, I say, a special place, another dear friend said, knowingly

she is the one who found it for me

the conduit to the universe she is

and here I am

and above is the painting as it is now

there are now some five or six boxes left on the far porch as I sit on the Sunroom side of the house? left to be unpacked. A box of my rock collection, which I will carefully offer up to the ledges of that porch.

I had a lavish flower offering to the Buddha on the mantelpiece in the bedroom. Because I found a white trash bag in one truck while packing up? filled with dried roses of all sizes, and potpourri. Abundance to the Buddha, and it is lovely there.

Another two boxes just for when I have another open house, which I plan for late Summer? or Midsummer? something like that. So … they need a home I have not yet found inside the house.

Almost everything fits in the house, but I’m a smidge off here and there, and those five or six boxes … well, there is time. And so much cardboard to recycle.

Apparently there is one recycling place and I will need to hit it on Wednesdays after counseling. Wednesdays is now a big day, when I drop Chipper off at my dear friend Dara’s home for sitting, for which I am most most grateful and blessed, and then go get errands done in that neighborhood of Nashville, post counseling.

For you see Chipper has enormous separation anxiety and I and his new vet are doing everything we can to help him transition, but it’s going to just take time before he is calm enough for me to leave him at home alone like I used to in Maryland. I used to be able to, just fine, but now he destroys things and gets extremely extremely upset. Which is just not good for anyone, especially him.

So. That has been a major stressor on me, and then I have been getting lost around the city a lot, but am getting a bit more on top of that now, so that’s good.

I got my haircut, which you KNOW is a good thing. Ahhhh. That improved my lot mightily.

And painting again has been like a dream come true. I really am adapting well to the space in this studio. I started to blog about it the other day, but I was too deep in the process to write about it at the same time. I needed to study the painting to see where to come in. I needed to remember what I was feeling and everything when I was painting when I stopped before, to get in the flow of it, you know? Which is serious stuff, you know Viet-Nam and screaming flowers. I asked myself, Do I feel like a screaming flower still? and ultimately deep down the answer is still yes, in places, even. Not just in one place.

So it’s valid and there was a place from which to paint. But also, in terms of where to come in, I still had to study and figure out where I was spatially in the studio, where my elbows were, how much closer I am to the easel now in terms of being able to back and away to study it. Which I do a lot. And what a difference that makes. I’m very much in the face of the canvas now. I lose a lot of distance perspective that I enjoyed in the other studio which allowed me to play with peripherals and energy. We shall see. Maybe it won’t be an issue.

And you can see I’ve almost finished this painting! I’m so happy. Next I will be painting two paintings at one time: a tropical sunset from a foto taken by a colleague and Viet-Nam War V.  I will be working on them simultaneously so that the Viet-Nam: A Journey series/work is not hindered by the 16 x 20 inch sunset painting, which is for a trade.

Well, I want to paint a bit more to finish out the current section of this shade of green in the painting, and then call it a day. So I’m going to sign out for now. But thanks for hanging in there with me all those weeks. Stay tuned! 🙂

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