Viet-Nam VI – I


I stop here to show you what this piece looks like before I paint the background completely Mars Black. Stark. I may also add sparks of blue or white to the bolt occurring to the jungle leaf. Very symbolic.

When I was sketching the jungle leaf parts a few days ago, I started to make them very straight on the top edges, but noticed the face of a Buddha from a Sackler Gallery back in the studio, the eyebrows in specific, how they curve ever so slightly. Ahh. There is a bit of the transcendence I am seeking for these pieces. Yes?

I had to change Primary Care Physicians today because my old one would not refer me to an orthopedist for my various … injuries, with my wrist and right rib. It matters and I was getting the runaround. The right wrist has hurt since last June’s photo shoot and needs care. I could go on but shan’t.

I am not sure why I’ve become such a tight-lipped blogger. That hardly makes sense in a blogger. I used to be so verbose. I suppose verbosity in bloggers comes and goes?

Right now I’m just going through a phase where I’m going through a lot of stress and it’s easier to introvert, to turn inward and be quiet about it.

I do have a counselor for such things, right? When I am able to see her, as I’ve had a bit of logistical difficulty in the new city and with the separation anxiety of Chipper making that happen. agh

Lately because of the warmer weather the beach memories are up, and Summer, particular 70s abuses … remembering, yeah, I was friends, really close with that abuser, then they went to college and i was like, meh, to them. That was such a long time ago and right now. It still hurts like new. Can’t help it. That greasy feeling of being used.

Oh well.

I speak up and that’s what we get.

Still, it’s so incredibly lovely here at the farmhouse. There is the first showing here in the morning. The house is uber clean and I sure hope they don’t want to buy it, right? hee. I want to keep living here, eh? So does Chipper. But come what may, it will all be fine. I’m in the moment. As it were. the fragmented time.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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