Viet-Nam War VIII Process … Jungle Code


Above you can see the lyrical kind of art deco garden or landscape, ? wrought iron pattern I initially layered with, that was replaced with a very drapey, jungley, camouflagey … bivouac … ey … feel. Which I then carefully still with the same tiny round brush throughout filled in with tiny amounts of paint in layers, to preserve only some of the background design.

Okay I don’t know how much detail you can really see with the vertical foto above but I tried to demonstrate the way the pattern is completely irregular, and in fact, lyrical, and in this case, jungle code. Hurray! That does not always happen but is a subconscious rarity in my painting. I would paint in one area, and jump to another, sometimes depending on what drew my eye (peripherally or not) and sometimes by what I had on my brush at the time.

vietnamwar8processfoto2bAnd here are the first three sort of fighting sections, at battle but coming slightly to rest now compared to the previous paintings, as things are starting to clarify. They had to come to some sort of ending. And they did. A landscape in this case not so pleasant.

And I do not depict the jungle lost to napalm. It was quite white and gray if I remember and desolate in comparison to the lush and unstoppable seeming quilt of greens …

and this is from above, if you can tell … above the jungles and the death and the rivers run red from all the death

from even i remember stories from the Civil and “Indian” Wars about the rivers running red from all the dead. For it had to be so in some way in Viet-Nam when all the fighting was over

so in my painting of the beginning of clarity that is the case that the rivers are still red and have not yet run fresh from the source of life and neither has the jungle renewed itself

as it will

so the jungle is still green in my painting and some kind of mysterious code of layers of landscapes and waterways disappearing into the distance and into mantras of roses and globes … ahh


you will have to see it for your self sometime in exhibit, yes?

🙂 and I will continue tomorrow for today my left hip and whole back are mad at me and I must rest

major memories up today I battled with and held on to the easel for ballast

not sure what is up with my eyesight and may just go get some regular readers these prescription readers are not working anymore bah

hmmm and alas


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