Viet-Nam War VIII – Jungle Stained Glass


Yesterday and today I painted the detail and stained glass? effect of the kind of jungle camouflage or jungle war world, jungle code place of the next section on the wheel of the painting. For it is now a wheel of some kind of timescape to me.

processfotovietnamwar8bAbove is the detail from the artwork. I hope you find the foto helpful in seeing more of what I’m doing here.

I decided after I had added in the lighter pigment, or more translucent layer, that I would leave this alone and not paint it any darker to match the first green section as I had intended … I like it this way and don’t want to lose the detail this time.

I can always change my mind later. Eh?

So only yesterday did I allow myself the surprise answer of what happened in history after the US evacuated from Vietnam in 1975.

That’s really bad of me. That’s some serious denial from someone who studied International Relations as her MAJOR. How in the hell did I avoid that? I mean fairly easily you assume it was bad, right, without knowing the … horrid details, you, assume. Right?

Well, if you do as I did yesterday and and search plain old, nothing fancy Vietnam, or Viet-Nam as I did. … You will find out roughly that like (me and simple math, okay?) like a lot of hundreds of thousands of people died after the “war” was over. I’ll let you look it up.

Now a lot of hundreds of thousands, like at first I think it was 4-500,ooo on the Viet-Namese “side” and lately I think it was untold but like an estimated million who died during the “war”? I just can’t conceive of ten people dead so this is really … unimaginable so I get really bad with numbers



If you read further on, it says that Viet-nam is now considered to be  “capitalist communist” society. Meaning that like China it has a free economy, right? but it still only has the one political party, the communist party.


(I think to myself, I’m not a communist or anything, but why did all those people die? The US people the Viet-Namese?)

then I’m thinking really hard, looking at my eighth painting in this series and what it means to me because I fricking care about what I’m doing here!!!

And I decide that freedom.

freedom is my peace.

I mean that … what the free world has, what the WWII folks on the free world side fought for, that’s what I live for. That is my peace right there.

It crystalizes for me that democracy defined as what the free world has (not just a free economy mind you) but civil rights, majority rule democracy, multiparty system, human rights, rule of law …

if that is in my blood and my blood runs through this series? I am one with this series I am one with the world I am part of what happened in Viet-Nam and always will be

I am part of those who fought for what they believed in — if they were fighting for American values anymore

if they had lost that and simply were


were fighting for their brothers side by side?

for that simple courage and love

that is in my blood as well and I believe in them

because they didn’t have a choice — they were drafted

it is one blood after all

it should be one human right

I believe that everyone should have the same human rights

women and men and children, right?


The painting continues, and how to express that clarity, this new

cleaner clearer expression of blood, in this Light.

Oh, and if you look on there is a great section on Democracy. I’m stoked to read all about it. I’m in. 🙂

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