Viet-Nam War VIII – Purgatory – Finitti

So the eighth in a series of ten, intense paintings, is completed.


A great sense of clarity comes along with the completion of this painting, and hard-won. For this painting is now subtitled, Purgatory. The last and next two paintings, nine and ten, will be subtitled, Hell on Earth, War — and Peace on Earth.


I had hope to reach some sort of transcendence with these pieces visually, with cloud-like forms and color, abstractly, but I seem to be doing so conceptually instead.

I’ll write more about each piece later. Each page on the website for each painting, as each piece in the proposed exhibition, will have its own explanatory subtext.

I need to start writing that next, and I’m looking forward to it finally, because things are falling into place.

I have been painting, as I say, so very intensely on this eighth painting, with a tiny round brush for the most part. The lime mix section was done with the mid-size bright? but the rest was tiny! hee

I also experimented with a heavy dose of glazing liquid again for the translucent or stained glass effect in the rest of the piece. I almost felt as if I was painting in watercolor again, especially with the last window or section in dark green (Hunter) — reminded of ’63 Rising especially, which made me smile.

I turned the brush completely on its side to get a fan and fish tail effect a lot up in there, then dotted to fill in carefully. Lovely and organic remains of pigment were left there and I thoroughly enjoyed that. The faeries did get in.

To me this piece does move from war to peace to war and back, but there is also obstruction and corruption, parasitism and …. well, things no longer necessary … cancer?

That is to the eye of the beholder.

I’ve begun doing yoga again, eating and sleeping better.

Counseling is going very well, and I’ve had more of the elementary school and preschool alters out telling me things and being out. They are sweet. The 2/3rd grade alters have told me they are angry, with good reason, but it is manageable, in a grumpy sort of way.

I have begun a new typed journal, three pages in, which I will print out and bind for taking to counseling. I can also add artwork to this scrapbook like project binder. This is instead of sending memories emails to the counselor. This work needs to be expanded into a journal form. I cannot any longer hand write literally into a journal because of my aching hands. I’m thankful this is understood.

The alters are very eager to be and talk these days. So it’s a bit of upheaval in a way. The upped medication keeps a general tamping down since mid-June, but the new counseling is causing a rocking of the boat at the same time. Hmm. So we shall see how this goes.

I’m so very hurt and moved by the tragedies that affect our nation. And its successes. We are doing both simultaneously, moving forward and stepping back. I so dislike the sniping and long for de-escalation at every turn. I find it akin to yelling fire in a theater.

These days with so many weapons on the streets there ought to be a law about inciting hatred against anyone. Period. Compassion for others ought to be sought and promoted instead, especially, and one would THINK, since we are technically one nation under God. and God is Love, right? I mean, across religions, world-wide, love for one’s neighbor, so it goes, and so on.

I’m just saying, Peace on Earth should be the word of the day in times like these. If you want to respond to Charleston and Chattanooga and Louisiana.

Namaste. Peace is a choice.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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