Viet-Nam War IX: Hell on Earth/War

This is no Lotus Flower

this Hell on Earth … this state of perpetual warring … however, some war is necessary? I do not know for how long.

I believe in a United Nations.

I believe in International Human Rights and nonviolence. Diplomacy and not bombing.

Like the recent Iran negotiated plan not to produce nuclear weapons. Way to go, everyone who made that happen. πŸ™‚

Now, no one else mess that up, eh?

Peace is a choice. War is a choice.

Here is Hell on Earth, or the Eye of Zoron? sketched from a Getty Image of a 1950s Atomic Bomb aka Mushroom cloud the likes of which I grew up seeing. Why? because we had to learn how to know when to consider fallout shelter signage and such. Yah.



Not sure at all why with a flash it has such a shadow, but there it is the one shot I took, heh. So.

It was a sketch with mechanical pencil, then filled in black at top and a little here and there. Then switched to glazed out gray with a small brush, then to mix of new darker charcoal with same small brush. Oh my but it is bad in here. Clouds of sad destruction and madness and death. Don’t go there.

Can’t put on happy music for fear … yes. It’s a very serious piece.

Where will the jungle be? the blood? This is a horrific piece.

I’m already looking forward to the next one, I’m telling you. I’m serious.

I feel a lot like Persephone. I don’t take this series lightly.

so. I’m in a wonderful, powerful show tomorrow called UpRising at Martha O’Bryan Center, Nashville, TN. It is is for low income artists and we’re all speaking about our history. I’m speaking to the abuse and the three Rage pieces on the front of my website.

Those are intense pieces you all and I can only say so much about them but I’m going to speak to them as best I can. There is freedom in that, you know. And that is the whole point of the show’s curator, Freedom Arts. So it’s a blessing.



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