Viet-Nam War 9 – Opportunity for Change

processfotovietnamwar9bI stared for so long at the original atomic bomb foto. Finally I decided how to fill it in with meaning.

First, the head of the mushroom cloud itself. To me, wars on Earth are a waste of resources that could be spent on feeding people, resolving conflicts by demonstrating how democracy and nation-building work (oh silly me), building and correcting infrastructure, and on climate change matters. To me, Hell on Earth/War is blowing up the chance to save the Earth. Continuing to choose war over peace, that is.

So, the head of the cloud is a fragmented rainforest cap that makes no sense whatsoever, as if, pardon me, Monsanto got a hold of it. Oh dear. In a way that makes sense to me, because in that way, we’ve let the engineering (the bomb-making, the gene-splicing) go too far and we need to let Mother Nature, as it were, heal and regenerate herself back to healthy.

Sigh. Ahhh. It’s a vision.

Yesterday I took my gift certificate that two of the members of Viet-Nam: A Journey gifted me with, and bought three tubes of Golden paint, a red oil bar. Oh is it red. I intend to bring some bit of texture to the center line and daubs on this painting. We shall see. The other colors I got were, thankfully to my colleagues, Mars Black, Titan Buff, and Sap Green.

I intend to use the Titan Buff, which I see as kind of a sand color, a golden color which is hard to mix consistently, in the clouds of this painting, along with some opalescent paints I still have from long ago.

I am not having as hard a time with the Hell of this painting as I thought I would be, but it is a very challenging piece. Clouds are very hard, intensity is hard and the subject matter is very deep.

But I have a great passion for it and that pulls me along. I do indeed feel that I am communicating an opportunity for change on the planet, inasmuch as this simple piece and I can do that. I offer it up.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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