Viet-Nam War 9 – Process – Darkness and Light


This is a much clearer foot of the head of the cloud, and this afternoon I have painted the base of the cloud with a glazed Mars Black, a Cadmium Red streak splitting with the “atom” in the center of the piece, and alternating lake effects of charcoal mix and Neutral Gray “clouds”.

My headache at that point made me stop and I was also at a loss of where next to paint. Sometimes (headache notwithstanding?) it is good to let the painting stand, to dry, to settle in the mind, even.

I had been painting in a bit of fury or passion … literally shaking the medium sized bright brush from the dark cloud base through the lake effects with the Neutral Gray to get a shattered cloud effect similar to the Atomic Bomb mushroom cloud. It is a massive splitting, the atom bomb, and that picture captures it mightily. Regular brush strokes will not do.

I do feel that there will be a major and minor balancing act from now until the finish of the painting between the forces of darkness and light in the work, with broad strokes and fine of bigger and tiny brushes. I think that is similar to the work of peacemaking and peacekeeping and the strategies of winning a war. I laugh at myself here. What do I know? I am a poet, a painter … I laugh at myself all the harder. Hooray! It is almost like a Buddhist joke for it is a sad one. 🙂 I don’t think all Buddhist jokes are sad but sometimes when I am facing myself in the mirror(s) as One/one it is funny/sad in a Buddhist way so that is why I think of Buddhist jokes that way, from a lot of meditations on myself and the world. Ahhh.

I’ve been writing in a new memories journal and less personal notes as you’ve seen here. It is a really intense place, the new journal, and it’s inside my head when I’m not writing in there. It’s where the new memories and counseling stuff goes that I was kind of sharing over much maybe here in the blog? Not sure. I don’t write in the journal every day or anything but what has come up as I say is not publishable by any means and barely readable by me I can imagine since it’s brand new, in counseling, as this Friday will be the first time I print it out and take it in to see what the first “catch” is.



Rough but healing stuff, I must say. You are thusly spared and things are where they are supposed to be, in a professional setting, and a specialized professional therapeutic setting at that. I am blessed.

So. It could not be more beautiful at the farmhouse where I rent. The heat has settled in around ninety ish and I’m told August is the hottest month, when I’m used to, in Maryland, a bit of a cooling phase. Oh. No worries. So lots of watering of perennials to make sure they survive, harvesting of herbs for Winter’s cooking mix, and staying inside.

I did finally stop at the place down the road that keeps goats, at which I always love to gaze when I drive by, so cute! because now they also offer fresh produce for sale. I spent five dollars in cash and got tomatoes, cantaloupe and a seedless watermelon. How’s that? The latter are chilling in the refrigerator to be cut up and contained tomorrow. Oh boy, I can hardly wait. That is Summer and staying cool. Next thing you know I’ll break down and make herbal iced tea? Gah,

or lemonade … it’s all about staying cool …

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