Viet-Nam 9 – Circles – More


So now I stop painting for the day, having finished the lower sections more and completed more silver on the upper left area.

There is an art deco style to the lower sections that reminds me of the camouflage of the WWI ships that were painted to avoid the German ships before the US entered the war. That is before the Lusitania was struck down.

So. It has an age and a history to it now that it did not have before.

There are many more layers to go. Somehow it looks too rough to me and I want to go back with a tinier round brush in Titanium White. Just here and there.

And the red needs tightening. It’s insane.

I can’t wait to leave the painting but I know what it needs. Get me out of this one and into the relative beauty of the solid Earth. The abundant Earth, growing and full of promise with each turning year.

For nothing is solid. Ultimately everything is made of something made of something else, matter and energy and atoms and ?

I remember this dawning upon me/us in school, elementary school and then ? so? but not for me. It became a real thing.

Not until I became a Buddhist was my soul at rest on this query of the soul. Thankfully.

Ahhh. Well, and in physics classes I monitored, somewhat. Heh.

Still a huge fan of astronomy and all things universal and scientific both planetary and Earthly, geographic, rocky. Yum.


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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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