Viet-Nam War 9 — Process Foto — Silver and Gold


Continuing to clarify here, with the additions of silver, gold, Titan Buff and Raw Umber.

Why? because the Raw Umber adds the Earth as it comes from the Earth itself.

The silver and gold remind me of the very real costs of war. The Titan Buff the cream of everything we make on this planet, going for … well honestly … away from where it should be. Not everything, that’s too cynical. But the majority of our expenditures, honestly are shifted, askew.

Towards military expenses. Now I’m definitely and securely for a strong defense in today’s climate internationally and domestically. It’s nuts. But I’m also for demilitarization and making things less aggressive everywhere.

Hey I’m a Buddhist. I’m for compassion. Love.

There, I’ve said it again.



So, the painting comes along.

So does the journal. Some hard stuff in there today and some writings about self esteem.

I realized that I allow my self Self Selves selves to have esteem/worth so long as they are associated/valued with skills or attributes that I have no control over … or have had to work at very hard to master. Huh? Ida know. It’s complicated. I’ve had to earn the right to the esteem, correct?

Anyone else with me on this? The confusion between confidence, being proud or being arrogant? Gah. I was told not to be proud. So learned not to be confident. But was told to be confident but not to be … agh it goes in circles it does.


I moved all the plants, the culinary herbs and the flowers, to one side of the house now so they will be easier to care for now the season is kind of coming to a close. I’m hoping to harvest more of the herbs for my Winter mix and dry them up. I love putting those herbs in my scrambled eggs and pastas during the Winter. It cheers me so to think I grew them, the memories of having grown and dried them on my own.

I have the honor of letting you know that two poems will be published by a literary magazine in Nashville, TN in September, this year. I will give more information and links and things as I have them. I am so very excited about this. So. Very. Beside myself. Woo.

Tomorrow going to a public art reception and most excited. I love the artwork, very inspiring and have numerous designs from the past decades in my head already for public art. But like I will ever design public art. Still, it’s about how to produce public art, so that will be cool. Good to dream big.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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