Hell on Earth – Finitti



It is with a huge sigh of relief that I finish this painting and write the narrative that accompanies it for now, which you can read at the link above. For you see it’s all cycling around, culminating and clarifying in the studio here. It makes sense.

To finish the painting I started with the tiny round brush and a heavy dose of cream, or Titan Buff, applied to the upper right side of the canvas. It got angelic there for a while, where I was in the clouds and wings territory.

Then I moved with the cream to the left side, painting in broad lines there.

I washed the brush and switched to dark gray mix and worked out some things on the left, namely a dark statement on the upper left just below the black section.

Lastly, I daubed heavily in major areas in the middle of the piece, so that when you are standing before it, it has more of a sense of presence, and floating, splitting, and movement.

Moving right ahead to Peace on Earth, the tenth and final painting, which gives me such a sense of release and landing, literal landing now … whoosh. I am going to paint the background of the next canvas first, space, with a special mix of Prussian Blue and Mars Black, that I hope will make us want to fall into it. I have to figure out stars. I have to paint the adorable, lovable, amazingly beautiful Earth. Wow.

I found a NASA foto of the Earth that they call EPIC. It even has the turquoise of the Caribbean in the center. OMG. Am I ready for this? Here goes! I feel like I’m jumping into a pool. A very big pool. It might even be the oceans themselves …

About amyjacksoncc

I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit http://www.amyjackson.cc
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