Viet-Nam 10 – Peace on Earth — I


It was a blast really, mixing up the Prussian Blue (my favorite blue next to Cobalt) and Mars Black, with a good smidge of Acrylic Glaze — and liberally painting infinity, space, in long and short ocean-like waves, then smoothing it in, hiding my brushstrokes for the most part. There is an ergonomic wave left over the Earth, as if a wave of wind is passing over it. I couldn’t resist it.

You can see with the naked eye, bits of Prussian Blue here and there. I did not completely mix the blue with the black, for this very reason.

Today I’m studying the peculiar and very unique shade of Earth’s ocean blue. It will take some doing to match that with my special Earth blue mix. I will paint in the Earth with that first, then let it dry, then paint in the details, sans sketch, free brush, if you will. I am very excited, and very humbled, very in awe of this task before me.

Not sure about stars, after all? they may make this look rather cheesy? hmm we shall see.

I grasp at Summer in my all white tee and shorts today. It is hazy and humid, sunny and overcast, cicadas and a cave cricket in the restroom scared me right out of there I tell you for it is insect dominion time. I did not kill it or advance upon it. I know better with those damned cave crickets, for they are aggressive. My hope is it will leave of its own accord. Meh.

But looking out the windows, the cardinals are still chasing each other, post empty nest, how dear. I see wrens in the tall shrubbery right outside and blue jays starkly cry. For now the crows are not the loudest birds, as in Winter. Green green leaves, I’m clinging to them, for they do not curl or dry, nor are they singed or colored yet, as they will be at the end of the season, for we’ve had so many rains lately. It should be a lovely Autumn. The tall grasses wave on the other side of the front fence and the wild black eyed susans cheer where the bunnies and pretend wild domestic cats are allowed to disappear on their foraging.

I am so blessed to live here.

I did post on Facebook and on Twitter but not here:

Peace is a state of mind … 🙂 … Namaste.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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