Viet-Nam War Series Finitti, Earth Painting Finitti … Hooray!


It is with an enormous amount of relief and clarity that I bring closure to the Viet-Nam series. I do strongly suggest that you stop reading my blog here, click the link above a) for a much bigger and better view of the new painting? and b) for the words and thoughts that do go along with it and the very culmination of the series. Alas. Please do so. I will wait here.

Okay. So I do hope you see what a painting of our very dear planet Earth, where we all live as ONE has to do with war, world war, ending war ultimately, changing our priorities to things like climate control, infrastructure, education, solar and wind energy and the like? ending poverty? yes. It is so doable, we should. There. I’ve said it. We can do this, people.

Now, to the finishing of this painting, I must say I approached it today with a great deal of fear and trepidation. If those aren’t the same thing, I wanted to use the word trepidation. Alas. Anyhoo. Below is some very bad geography for the continents of North and South America, which are the center of this EPIC foto which I chose to paint, from NASA. Sorry you all, it really didn’t matter what they looked like, because in the foto, they are blurred by clouds, so, I didn’t really worry, and giggled much. A lot. Actually. But I share this step with you. Note please the very special dot of Cobalt Blue, a waning tube of which I have kept (you can buy Teal now but not Cobalt Teal from Golden), for the Caribbean. Hooray.


For any level of depth and texture to exist, I used three colors on the Earth: a gentle gray mix, a Titan Buff/Titanium White mix, and a “pure” Titanium White straight from the tube. I did use Acrylic Glazing liquid, finishing off a heavy duty bottle forthwith, adieu! that has seen me through years of paintings! — about two quarters’ worth?

Below is the first layer of the soft gray, with one of the tiny round brushes. I’m twisting the brushes a lot, to get this random swirly effect. I like it a lot, and think I learned how to do this effectively, to let go and let brush, yet still maintain some level of observance/control? during the Viet-Nam Jungle series.


Now here I’ve added with a larger “tiny” round brush a good layer of the cream or Titan Buff/white … but it needs more … I’m starting to get the sense of the painting, though …

And here is almost to the end of the painting, where I’ve begun balancing out depth and contrast, light and dark, with a soft gray layer over white and cream layers.

Turns out, I made a huge “mistake” in the middle left of the painting that came to be a lovely swirl in the end. It just goes to show that you have to keep your mind open, and stay awake to the process. Keep aware of your medium and what it does.

I tried to add the blue of the ocean in over a white dot. It sounds simple enough but it was very transparent and looked horrible and out of place. My quick attempts at fixing it with either tiny round brush just turned out to be bluish whitish arghs. ARGH. Indeed. So. I wiped off both brushes quite heartily and then daubed the bigger of the two with a great deal of white and went for it. That is what you see now in the left middle. The end. Ta-dah!

Okay. Now the series is complete and I do feel so refreshed and that it was totally cathartic. As I’ve said before I do believe in a strong defense. That people need more than a free economy. I believe freedom is worth speaking out for around the world and that diplomacy is far better than bullying. We don’t get anywhere through bullying. Bah. Enough said.

As far as what I’ll get into painting next? Deep breath. I have these two sketches from 2004 and inspirations abound, for sensual abstract color studies in a large format, same size canvas but broad shapes, drippy within, perhaps? Broad shapes are too quick and easy to paint for me. I need more of a challenge. But the colors that came out in the Hell on Earth series are similar to my industrial fotos and I want to paint in some of those colors again, and others, hmmm. So we shall see.

Speaking of industrial fotos, it is almost cooled down enough for me to venture out and take more locally. Stay tuned, dears. Whee!

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