New Industrial Fotos


So last week I had the absolute thrill and excitement of taking industrial fotos at my beloved two sites here in Nashville, TN. See, last June I flew down here to take the fotos, and now I live here right next to them, wow. So it’s awesome. I did have to wait for the weather to be perfect, first for the heat to cool down from July to October, and then for the rain to stop and the lovely SUN to come out and stay out for the fotos. Eh? And she did.

I also tried something new this time, close-up fotos with a macro lens, and boy am I glad I did, for it opened up a whole new surface area and literal world to me.


My focus, in the camera, the new/used D5200 Nikon I’m using that I traded for last Summer since I strained my wrists with the heavier Nikon I had before, was working so much better for me — and my eyes also were performing better for me as well, less eye strain? Less confusion and switching that I had noticed last year?


I liberally played with the brightness and contrast feature in Photoshop and the fotos responded well, several of them getting quite jungly in response!


Without further ado, here is the link to the full Industrial Foto section:

I do hope you enjoy looking through them and that you’ll consider getting a print, especially a metallic/silver one? they are so lovely. I’m getting prints made these days locally at Chromatics.

How am I? hmm. I’m doing okay. I’m super excited about these fotos, that’s for sure, and that goes a long way.

Painting is going very slowly. I can’t decide if Fragments I is complete or not. Hmm.

Wrote a lot on the treatment screenplay for the first film of three for Rebekah’s Closet: Fugue’s Alert last week. It’s coming along fairly well in Word now. Hoping to get the Final Draft software now that it is only around 99 dollars instead of 250?

Emotionally going through a lot from old processing. My counselor is wanting to talk to the alters, which actually she does all the time of course, but to go more deeply into the psyche. So this Friday will be interesting. She asked me to journal about how they are … controlled, how they work, and I did and sent it to her yesterday for preparation, kind of like pressure points for her to plan in advance. Driving anywhere for anything is already a challenge, so I have to get wrapped back up in order to drive home from the appointment. That is a big concern, you know.

Physically, a lot of aches and pains, due to Fibromyalgia, not walking as much lately due to not having Chipper and my two walk buddies being busy and … it not being safe to really walk alone here. And I had a cold. Bah. But I’m hanging in. Doing Yoga daily and as needed to get my bones aligned. It is the best med.

Loving the seasons changing and getting into my er, massive, scarf collection. Hee. Scarves are so expressive and cheerful. I seem to collect them? Yes? There are worse things.

So very much hoping Biden joins this race.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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