Fragments 2 – First Layer – Dark Heart Spaces


Now my heart is only as dark as the yin and the yang complement each other in lightness and darkness and the glass is half full. Of water.

And trying to figure out the inside of me is like trying to hold on to a piece of water and just as easy to decipher. Water is simple and hard at the same time.

It’s kind of like that. There is a system but you can’t see it and it’s slippy and it’s there but don’t look at it. So trying to paint it is super hard. Just so you know. Not sure how much congruity there will be across paintings. The code, the jungle code to be exact, is back in this one.

Inspired by a trip to the Nashville Public Library yesterday morning, a gallery of their book collection, of illustrators, including Matisse and Picasso, but also a particular color wood cut landscape only yeah big. It made me put green in my palette yesterday, a whole range of greens, really.

And beside the greens there will be blacks and reds and browns and rusts splitting, and molten, in anger and … sensitivity.

Like that.

Above to the upper left of the canvas will be the spiritual untouchable area in pinks, cloud-like I do hope. There is also a fan-like dark section to come yet in the mid left.


Btw, Fragments 1 is Finitti. It is not beautiful. It is painful to me. I am moving on.

so I’m painting now … wish me luck! I’m going to post my progress in this thread in a few hours …


And here you go. It’s like a complex structure or a city, but it’s like the inside of me somehow. It’s code, what have you. Do you like? hee. This is many layers, and it is not completed.

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I am a professional artist, writer and musician creating from my home studio. To view my artwork, visit
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