Fragments III: Beginning


First, yesterday, I sketched in rust and raw umber, mixed, with a medium round brush, from a tiny sketch I’ve had for some time. This reminds me of cells, and roots, simultaneously. That being said, the ultimate image is to be of embers, the various stages and colors of something, in this case, me, burning. Ouch. Oh well.

In order for the integrity of the structure of the bones of those lines to stay intact, I had to be super-patient, which I did not want to do, and let them dry overnight. Blast! Argh. Oh well. But I did, and found other things to do, like work on my screenplay trilogy. Alas, which was a good thing, right? Yes. All in due time.


This afternoon I began applying layers of a special mix of handmade pinks and glaze, with  cream. Mmm. Now, I ran out fairly well after two sections, of the initial mix. An old old rule of mine is never to start a painting without a good supply of a certain mix. But in a way I’m glad I didn’t, for I couldn’t have matched the initial mix, and didn’t on the next go around, and the painting is somehow better for the difference. The depth and transparency therein. So there, me with rules and such. Hmm. Any way, I used my smaller fan brush, and made extra special careful sure not to show ANY brush strokes. That being said, I did show some texture here and there, that I did like.

Next, is to let THIS layer dry, and what comes next is a bit of a surprise, even to me. I mean, I have ideas, but I’m not sure which way to go.

I really like this template and can see playing with this idea a lot with different color schemes, as a way to explore the fragments series. Yes. Me likey, a lot. It’s working for me. Mmm. You?

My hip bursitis is really acting up. At night it wakes me up and I have to keep flipping over to get to the other hip, which hurts less, relatively, than the hip I’m laying on, which is screaming out. During the day the left one in particular hurts all the time. Walking in particular. Hmm. My muscle spasms all over, and aches all over, are nuts. I have been back on the muscle relaxants I’ve been prescribed, like one a day, and yoga, lots. Inescapably, to survive, to move. It’s so hard to get out of bed, for those reasons and depression, and for getting over a chest/sinus infection, still. I’m ordering a special “Indian Cough Syrup” from the Vitamin Shoppe online on Wednesday because it has Osha root in it, and is supposed to kill icky virus and bacteria things organically. yay.

Let’s hope that works, eh? Ha. Otherwise I’m headed back to the doctor for another z-pack? Ida know. agh.

I walked down the gravel driveway in the melting snow for a bit of much needed exercise this morning, hoping to help my back and hip and everything else in the old body, right? And to get the mail from the mailbox. What happened but some nice older man pulls up in the driveway across the way, and introduces himself? Gives me three loaves of bread, and two of rolls, saying he delivers for a local bakery and also is our house for sale he’s becoming a realtor in a week? Yes, I say, etc.

Now that is extraordinary timing. I must say. I struggle with my hands and wrists gratefully all the way up the hill. Laughing at my good fortune. Laughing at my aches and pains now.

It was worth the pain, right? The freezer is now full of bread for many weeks to come.

I’ll do some more yoga and stop complaining? And head down the hill in the morning again for today’s mail tomorrow. It’s a good routine, and seems to pay off well, in bread, if not in exercise and inspiration from Nature. Birds abound in the seeming Nature sanctuary here on the farmhouse land.



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